Neuroscience Courses

Draft Version
This is a DRAFT catalog for review and advising purposes. Items in this catalog draft are subject to change until the catalog for 2019-2020 academic year will be officially published on August 1, 2019. The statements set forth in this catalog are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as the basis of a contract between a student and this institution. Should changes in a program of study become necessary, those changes will be applied liberally by the institution while the catalog is in draft mode.

NEU 405 - Social Affective Neuroscience (3 hours)
Delves into current insights, debates, and research on social and emotional behavior and its neural basis. Course goals include providing an introduction to the theoretical, methodological, and intellectual challenges that influence these fields and their growth. Additionally, the course is designed to give a broad overview of current research and theory in the social and affective neurosciences, particularly where these two domains intersect, and explore how knowledge of neural systems, neuroendocrine function, functional neuro-anatomy, and neurochemistry can or cannot provide insights into social and emotional behavior. Cross-lised with PSY 405. Prerequisite: PSY 201, PSY 206; or instructor consent.

NEU 470 - Seminar in Neuroscience (1-3 hours)
Introduces students to a specialization within the field of neuroscience, with a focus on surveying the primary scientific literature. May focus on the application of specific techniques, current knowledge in specialized areas, or an analysis of neuroscience in contemporary media. Course may be repeated no more than 3 times. Prerequisite: Neuroscience minor or consent of instructor.

NEU 490 - Independent Research in Neuroscience (1-3 hours)
Directed research for qualified students in specialized areas of neuroscience. May be repeated for a total of 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: BIO 261 or PSY 205; Neuroscience minor or consent of instructor.