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Committee Members

Many thanks to the 86 members of the University community who have helped shape the Assurance Argument and Federal Compliance document over the last two years.

Steering Committee Members:

  • Molly Cluskey, Director, Online and Distance Education
  • Jenny Gruening Burge, Director of Institutional Effectiveness (Accreditation Liaison Officer)
  • Jennifer Robin, Associate Dean (Subcommittee 1 Chair)
  • Tony Adams, Professor, Communication (Subcommittee 2 Chair)
  • Jana Hunzicker, Associate Dean (Subcommittee 3 Chair)
  • Kelly McConnaughay, Senior Associate Dean (Subcommittee 4 Chair)
  • Peggy Flannigan, Associate Dean for Distance Education
  • Joshua Lewer, Associate Professor, Economics (Subcommittee 5 Chair)
  • Andy Kindler, Registrar (Federal Compliance Chair)
  • Jobie Skaggs, Associate Provost
  • Jon Neidy, Assistant VP Student Affairs (Quality Initiative Chair)
  • Seth Katz,  Associate Professor, English (Editor)
  • Lexi Lewandowski, Institutional Data Coordinator (Evidence Coordinator)

Criterion 1 Members:

  • Jennifer Robin, Associate Dean
  • Brad McMillan, Coordinator, NonProfit Leadership
  • Dan Getz, Associate Professor
  • Elena Gabor, Associate Professor
  • Jan Traenkenschuh, Administrative Support
  • Janet Lange, Executive Director of Continuing Education
  • Jim Foley, Director of Operations Turner Center/International Programs
  • Julie Howe, Residential Living
  • Norris Chase, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Renee Richardson, Associate VP Marketing/Communication
  • Renne Charles, University Spokesperson & Executive Director of PR
  • Tori McCord Jennetten, Executive Director of Alumni Relations

Criterion 2 Members:

  • Tony Adams, Professor, Communication
  • Andy Kelley, Associate Professor, Philosophy & Religious Studies
  • Anna Reed, Assistant Director of Wellness
  • Heather Moles, Director of Academic Services
  • Jobie Skaggs, Associate Provost
  • Jocelyn Watkins, Clery Act Coordinator, University Police Department
  • Lori Vick, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Meg Frazier, Information Literacy/Electronic Services Librarian
  • Michele Edgcomb Friday, Tenured Lecturer, Academic Ombuds
  • Ryan Bair, Executive Director of Residential Living & Student Conduct
  • Steve Herrera, System Administrator for Information Security
  • Tanya Marcum, Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Law

Criterion 3 Members:

  • Jana Hunzicker, Associate Dean 
  • Amy Fairfield, Undergraduate Recruiter, Director Project Springboard
  • Anji Phillips, Assistant Professor
  • Anne Hollis, Executive Director Student Support Services
  • Barb Kerns, Executive Director/Learning Design and Technology
  • Ben Wright, Service Learning
  • Bill McDowell, Executive/Academic Director; Turner Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship
  • Dawn Koeltzow, Director/Springer Center for Internships
  • Derek Montgomery, Associate Dean of Engaged Learning
  • Fran Armmer, Associate Professor
  • Abby Schierer, Assistant Registrar
  • Helja Antola Crowe, Executive Director of CTEL
  • Imran Hossain, Assistant Professor
  • Jeff Bakken, Associate Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School
  • Jen Jones, Sr. Associate AD for Academics and Student Development/SWA
  • Mike McAsey, Professor

Criterion 4 Members

  • Kelly McConnaughay, Interim Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Amy Summers, Administrative Support
  • Angela Butler Magsombol, Assistant Registrar
  • Bayaraa Carlson, Data Coordinator
  • Christine Blouch, Director International Programs
  • Peggy Flannigan, Associate Dean for Distance Education
  • Dan Smith, Associate Chair/Lecturer
  • Greg Haines, Director Academic Success Center
  • Jon Neidy, Assistant Vice President/Executive Director Smith Career Center
  • Kris Maillacheruvu, Professor
  • Mollie Adams, Professor
  • Patty Nugent, Associate Professor
  • Sandy Bury, Executive Director, Computing Services
  • Sarah Glover, Associate Professor
  • Tricia Dahlquist, Lecturer
  • Monica Carter, Associate Director of Admission and Director of Transfer Center
  • Simon Petravick, Professor

Criterion 5 Members

  • Joshua Lewer, Associate Professor, Economics
  • Barbara Galik, Executive Director of the Library
  • Craig Dahlquist, Sr Associate AD for Finance and Administration
  • Demetrius Carmichael, Assistant Vice President for Business and Planning
  • Gary Will, Professor
  • Heather McCord, Assistant Dean for Budget and Administration
  • Jamie Cobb, Assistant Director Academic Success Center
  • Kara Wolfe, Professor
  • Ken Harding, Director, Employer Testing Services
  • Mat Timm, Professor
  • Michelle Riggio, Associate Director/Director of OLLI
  • Ryan Schmidgall, Assistant Controller
  • Sarah Peters, Admin Assistant Spring Center for Internships
  • Tom Coy, Executive Director Student Involvement
  • Zach Gorman, CIO

Federal Compliance Members

  • Andy Kindler, Registrar
  • David Scuffham, Director of Information Security
  • Deb Jackson, Director of Financial Assistance
  • Grant Escue, Assistant AD for Compliance
  • Jenny Gruening Burge, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Jim Crone, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications
  • Jon Neidy, Assistant Vice President/Executive Director Smith Career Center
  • Julie Schifeling, Credentialing Coordinator
  • Ramona Hutchison, Director of System Integration, CTL
  • Rob Prescott, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies & Associate Professor
  • Tom Richmond, Executive Director of Admission Marketing
  • Heather Berkley, Associate Registrar