Mid-sized. Big Difference

With nearly 6,000 students, Bradley is the right size to offer more opportunities than small schools and more personalized experiences than large ones.

Starting your first year at Bradley, you will have access to world-renowned faculty members, major-related courses, real-world experiences, and small classes. These qualities lead to great results as recognized by education experts like The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education which has ranked Bradley as one of the Top 25 private schools in the United States for student engagement.

We’re also an exceptional value for combining strong academics and real-world experiences. At Bradley, our students are guaranteed experiential learning opportunities. Twice! Whether it's through internships, studying abroad, participating in undergraduate research or another real-world experience, all Bradley graduates are required to have at least two of these types of experiences before they graduate. Required experiential learning is a unique feature of a Bradley education and prepares our students to be productive and successful graduates.

The benefits of a Bradley education follow our alumni throughout their careers. Within six months of graduation, 93% of our graduates report successful career outcomes. In fact, the Brookings Institution recognizes Bradley as one of the best schools in the nation to add value to a graduate’s lifetime earnings. The benefits of a Bradley education extend well beyond our student’s first job placement and have a significant impact on their career.

Our mid-size allows us to provide you with more resources, more individual and personalized instruction, and a guarantee of at least two real-world, mentored experiences. That's Bradley. That's a big difference.