Put Your Future Forward

There’s forward thinking and then there’s forward doing. At Bradley University, we’re designing futures that start right now. From Day One, you’ll learn beyond the classroom — gaining the knowledge that will spark innovation, reshape industries, and make the world better for the generations after you.

Why Bradley?

Because here, you don’t have to do just one thing. You’re not bound by your major, department or residence hall. You'll cross disciplines, explore your interests and dive headlong into your passions to forge unexpected new connections. You’ll break boundaries like our visionary founder, Lydia Moss Bradley, who broke boundaries to build a new model beyond the limitations of her time. She envisioned a university that balanced the liberal arts and sciences with professional training for well-rounded students like you to not only get ahead, but to lead the way forward.

With 35 students or fewer in 95% of our classes, you’ll build relationships with your professors that last beyond four years — as teachers become mentors become peers. Through supervised research, internships, capstone experiences, or creative production at home in Peoria, Ill., or studying abroad, you learn by doing. Here, you’re free to unfold your future however you see it. We guarantee it. All Bradley students have at least two of these great résumé-building experiences by the time they graduate.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the numbers: Within six months of graduation, 91% of our graduates report successful career outcomes. In fact, the Brookings Institution recognizes Bradley as one of the best schools in the nation to add value to a graduate’s lifetime earnings. The benefits of a Bradley education will extend well beyond your first job and have a significant impact on your career.

So, why Bradley? Because at Bradley, the possibilities are endless.