Stirring Thoughts with Words

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Orlando Ceaser ’73, then you’ll know that it’s impossible to have a brief conversation with him. He is endlessly intriguing, spinning one anecdote into another, sharing off-the-cuff acronyms and inspiration until you realize that you have been talking for hours, and you still want to hear more! 

Ceaser has a distinct brand of charisma that has helped him succeed in business and in life. “I’ve always been a strong observer. I built my interests exploring what was around me,” he said.  

Growing up in Chicago, at just ten-years-old his curiosity would take him to the Field Museum, the Planetarium or Art Institute in between his job shining shoes. These adventures inspired him to be creative. “Being one of 11 kids, we had to create our own games and make our own fun,” he said. Ceaser would often pen his own poetry and stories as well as recite James Weldon Johnson’s “The Creation” from memory to different church congregations.

Despite these early creative forays he decided to study biology when he came to Bradley. As always though, he experienced and observed everything he could while on campus. “I like to tell people that I went for a liberal arts education, but I also received a literal arts education,” he quipped. 

While working in pharmaceutical sales, his outgoing personality and ability to connect with others enabled him to become an effective director, training leader and sales strategist. His love of storytelling informed his management style, and soon Ceaser found a new professional lane—inspiring others to pursue their passions. “I always tell people that if you have an interest then find a way to keep it alive no matter what,” Ceaser explained. 

The combination of curiosity and creativity that started in his youth has paved the way for Ceaser’s career as an author, speaker, mentor, poet and more through his company, Watchwell Communications Inc. He also enjoys sharing expertise with churches, youth groups, businesses and even Bradley as he helps others connect with the world around them. 

Helping others learn to appreciate the relationship between all things in life is at the heart of his mission. Ceaser may astonish you by how many ways he can spin this simple message with his countless catch phrases and quick wit, but it helps those he encounters build a more thoughtful mindset. “When I talk, I just want to make sure that you are thinking,” Ceaser said, “but I never want to tell you what to think.” 

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