Family Pass Policies & Procedures

  • Family passes will only be issued to family members of students and faculty/staff that have purchased the Markin Privilege for the current year. Family passes will need to be renewed on January 1 every year for faculty/staff and by the 2nd week of every semester for students in order to maintain access.  Renewal will take place in the Campus Recreation office (Markin 120).
  • Faculty/staff members who are also taking classes at the University will not be classified as a student for Markin Center privilege purposes. They will be treated solely as faculty/staff members as this is their primary role with the University.
  • Family passes will only be issued to spouses/domestic partners (with proof of marriage/domestic partnership) and dependents/children age 25 or younger.
  • Any family member age 16 or over wishing to use the facility must pay a one-time fee of $20 to obtain a Markin Center Family Pass ID. This fee will be paid for in the Markin Center office prior to the issuance of the first ID. Anyone under 16 will not have to purchase an ID but must be issued a paper family pass and be accompanied by an ID holder at all times while in the building.  Upon turning 16, an ID will need to be purchased to use the facility.  Each family member wishing to enter the facility must have the paper pass (under 16) or the Markin Center Family Pass ID (16 and over). 
    • No refunds will be issued on purchased ID’s if faculty/staff does not renew their Markin Privilege
    • No refunds on purchased ID’s because family member decides they no longer wish to use the facility
    • No refunds on purchased ID’s when child/dependent turns 26
    • No refunds on purchased ID’s if student withdraws, departs or is dismissed from the University
    • No ID will ever be reissued to a different family member other than the individual listed
  • Any family pass associated with a student will become invalid upon that student’s departure, withdrawal or dismissal from the University.
  • Each family member must have a valid swipe of their Markin Center Family Pass ID through the swiper located on the turnstiles to enter the building.
  • ID’s that are damaged or lost will need to be replaced if family member wishes to continue using the facility. Family members must go to the Help Desk located in the Cullum-Davis Library for any replacement ID’s and be prepared to pay the $20 fee. 
  • Family Pass holders allowed to rent Markin Center lockers based on availability. The daily use lockers located in both locker rooms as well as various areas throughout the building can be used to secure belongings.  Tokens are available at the control desk.  We highly encourage all users to leave valuables at home.
  • Letting someone else borrow or use an ID or paper pass will result in forfeiture of privilege to use facility.
  • Family Hours are 6a-9a Monday-Friday; 12-7p, Saturday; and 12-10p Sunday. When facility hours change due to a break (Spring, Summer, etc.) in the academic schedule, family hours extend to anytime the facility is open. Any change in hours will be posted on the Campus Recreation website and at the Markin Center.
  • There is no cost for the Family Pass. The only cost is for the ID and any subsequent ID’s should it become lost or damaged.  All fees are subject to change.

Process of obtaining a Markin Center Family Pass ID

  1. Stop in Campus Recreation Office (120 Markin) – family members need not be present for this step
  2. You will fill out some paperwork, be entered into our system and be given a receipt. Documents include the Family Pass Policies and Procedures and another document containing your family members’ names.  Please keep all of the documents.
  3. 20 minutes after the time listed on the receipt you receive at the Markin Center, your family members may go get their ID’s at 103 Swords Hall.  You will need to bring your receipt and the document containing the names of your family members. 
  • Each family member requiring an ID must be present to get their photo taken
  • A government issued photo ID is required before any ID will be issued
  • Family members will be allowed into the Markin Center during Family Hours by showing your receipt for one week until picking up the ID. After one week, they will not be allowed in without the ID.