Service and Philanthropy

The fraternity and sorority community’s interests and concerns go beyond the confines of campus life. Sororities and fraternities sponsor a multitude of activities each year to impact the local community and to earn money for their philanthropies or identified causes. Chapters also donate their time to national and local community service projects.

The opportunities you will encounter in fraternity and sorority life to help benefit the community are endless. The desire and ability to give of yourself is one of the most important qualities you will develop while being part of a fraternity or sorority.

Ways that Fraternities and Sororities gave back as a community this past year were:

Move-In Day

When you pull your vehicle up to your residence hall to unload your belongings on move-in day, you might be surprised to see a swarm of fraternity and sorority members eager to help you. Fraternity and sorority members truly care about our campus community, and one way we show that spirit is by helping all new students on move-in day. On such a stressful day for students and their families, we want to do whatever we can to help!

Annual Blood Drive: I-74 Challenge

Each year Bradley University and ISU host a collaborative competition in an effort to collect as much blood in three Days between the two universities. The Bradley American Red Cross Club, Bradley Athletics Department and Bradley Greek Programming Board co-host the three day friendly challenge.

In 2018, between the two Universities, we all collected 318 pints of blood to save up to 954 lives!

Greek Week Events

During Greek Week, our organizations come together to raise money for our council’s respective charities. We raise money by creating a little competition throughout the week in “Penny Wars”. Each day students, faculty and staff can donate their spare change to the Greek Week team they want to see win...or lose! We raised almost $800 dollars in Penny Wars alone!

We also collaborated with Chipotle for a profit-sharing event where $1,200 was donated towards the charities, therefore reaching over $2,000 total during Greek week 2018.

In addition to the fundraising, Greek Week teams gathered together to create over 20 tie blankets with fabric and over 80 dog tie ropes from old t-shirts that were donated locally.