The Health Center is a fully operational physician's office on the campus of Bradley University. Most of the services provided are included in the student health fee including all visits to both health services and counseling, basic lab work, minor procedures, and the lending of equipment. Other, more extensive work-ups may be an additional expense. Please bring your insurance card to your appointment in the event it is needed.

Health Services provides primary medical service and referrals for students during the academic year, maintains student health records, and assists with claims on student insurance. "Primary medical service" is defined as that which diagnoses the problem and then treats common ailments, (e.g. colds, flu, urinary tract infections, minor injury). Health care maintenance or support programs prescribed by a family physician may also be performed (e.g. allergy injections, dietary monitoring). For more severe medical or health problems, referral is made to community services or hospitals.

Services include the following:

  • assessment, diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries
  • evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries
  • management of various chronic illnesses
  • physical exams for non-paid positions or programs through Bradley University only
  • men's and women's clinics which provide sexual health screening including pap smears, evaluation and treatment of menstrual disorders, breast exams, testicular exams, contraceptive prescriptions, pregnancy testing, and evaluation and treatment for sexually transmitted infections
  • immunizations
  • allergy injections (with instructions and serum from student's allergist)
  • diagnostic laboratory testing
  • EKG
  • nebulizer treatments
  • pulse oximetry
  • IV therapy for re-hydration
  • equipment to lend such as crutches and nebulizer machine
  • limited physical therapy appointments provided for acute situations
  • referral to community specialist and services as needed
  • cooperation with student's primary care provider for continuity of medical care
  • courier services to the two main hospitals in Peoria for lab specimens