Student Aides

The Student Aides are undergraduate students who assist incoming students and their families with their transition from high school to college. Student Aides work year-round. Please read more about this exciting, highly rewarding and paid leadership opportunity below!

Spring Semester

Student Aides are assigned to 2-3 committees (Icebreakers and Prizes, Social Media, T-Shirts, etc.) and will meet weekly with their committees and report progress during one team meeting per week. Student Aides average 5-10 hours per week on job tasks. Past Student Aides have held other jobs or leadership positions during the spring. Time management and learning how to balance all of your responsibilities will be key to your success in this position throughout the year.

Training Period

Approximately 10 days will be devoted to training you on several aspects of roles and responsibilities within the Student Aide position (some duties are listed under the next section). This training period will begin sometime during the last full week of May and likely conclude the Friday before the first Orientation session.

  • Student Aides are expected to be available 24 hours a day and cannot hold other employment during the training period.
  • Student Aides will be living in a residence hall room on the same floor with students attending, once sessions begin, but will be living in their own room.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided during the training period.

Summer Orientation Sessions

Student Aides have a range of responsibilities that include but are not limited to:

  • Facilitating large (70-80) and small group (7-8) icebreaker sessions.
  • Checking students and families into their overnight rooms.
  • Building Fall 2024 student schedules and helping first-year students register in MyBradley.
  • Facilitating Q & A sessions with incoming parents, guests and supporters.
  • Facilitating one-on-one conversations with students assigned to your group.

Each session is 1.5 days with sessions on Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday. No sessions are held on Wednesdays in June and July.

Student Aides must be available 24 hours a day during all sessions. Unfortunately, in-person classes and other employment will conflict with job responsibilities during sessions and therefore cannot be taken or held. An online course or two can be taken but must be discussed with the Orientation Director first.

Meals during the program will be provided and some meals on off days but Student Aides will mostly provide for themselves when sessions are not taking place.

Fall Semester

Student Aides will primarily serve as Student Assistants for the first-year experience course, EHS 120 but may be expected to assist with Convocation, facilitate an informational meeting about the 2025 Student Aide positions and attend one or two Student Aide team meetings.

Student Aide Applications

Applications for 2024 are now available! Please review this webpage and the Student Aide Qualifications & Desired Qualities and Skills Gained & Job Benefits.

When ready, you can submit the required ADP student employment application (which will contain a linked PDF Student Aide questionnaire, with essay questions). The first priority application deadline is Friday, February 2 at 5pm. For more information on both applications please vist Qualifications & Desired Qualities.

There will be 3 rounds of interviewing. If you are selected to advance past the first round you will need to submit two reference forms and a resume. It is strongly encouraged for you to meet with a Career Advisor for assistance with your resume. You can reach out to your Career Advisor.

Apply Now Qualifications & Desired Qualities Skills Gained & Job Benefits Reference Form Orientation Dates