Orientation Team

Yanisha Nance

Yanisha Nance - Junior

   Communication Major with a Public Relations & Advertising Concentration with a Minor in Retail Merchandising
   St. Louis, Missouri
   Granite City Senior High School
   ACBU, Bravettes, Student Safety Advisory Board, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated
   You can only succeed as much as you allow yourself to. When you are confused or struggling, ask for help. The professors at Bradley want you to succeed in their classes and beyond, which is why they are always willing to help students after class, during their office hours, and/or by appointment outside of their office hours! Bradley has a variety of resources, so take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow from your experience here.



Will Cypert

Will Cypert - Sophomore

   Academic Exploration Program
   Galesburg, IL
   Galesburg High School
   Intramurals, Residential Advisor, ACBU, Big Idea Competition, RLAB, Powder Club
    You never know what opportunities are out there until you actually experience them. I actively try to pursue different opportunities when they are presented to me. Taking these chances can lead to new doors opening up for you. This also helps you get to know a lot of people and expand your network, which is especially important as you pursue internships and full-time jobs once you leave Bradley.



Tahria Holley

Tahria Holley - Sophomore

   Psychology with a Minor in African American Studies
   Chicago, IL
   Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academic High School
   Psychology Club, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated, National Pan-Hellenic Council, SABRC Exec Board, ODI Exec Board
   Always stay true to who you are, no matter who is around. Always strive for the best and let the best be determined in your expectations. Be proud of your accomplishments no matter how big or small they may seem to you. Trust me, Bradley is that safe and welcoming campus where you can be your authentic self or become your authentic self!



Meggan Hook

Meggan Hook - Sophomore

   Nursing with a Spanish Minor
   Wilton, IA
   Wilton Jr. Sr. High
   Intramurals, Alpha Chi Omega, BU Crochet Club
   Stress is a real thing in life and especially in college. Whether that comes in the form of heavy course loads, friend issues, or even with deciding on a major. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, Bradley has many options for help, including counseling, career advising, the Academic Success Center, etc. College can be a fun and exciting time in everyone's lives, but remember to take care of yourself first. It’s always okay to ask for help.



Alenna Martin Del Campo

Alenna Martin Del Campo - Junior

   Biomedical Science Major with a Pre-Med Concentration with a Minor in Spanish
   Oswego, Illinois
   Oswego High School
   Epsilon Sigma Alpha Service Sorority, The Body Project, Office of Diversity and Inclusion (Diversity in STEM), Residential Advisor
   Bradley is a family, not just a university. When you are a Brave there is always someone there to support and help you when you need it whether it be academically or socially. I first started the fall semester not knowing anyone or anything about the area. Now, I have made some of my lifelong friends and have the most amazing support system I could ask for! In time, if you put yourself out there, even a little, you will see what I mean by the “Bradley family!



Brigette McCormick

Brigette McCormick - Junior

   Social Work & Psychology Double Major with a Minor in Management and Leadership
   O’Fallon IL
   O’Fallon Township High School
   SERVE, Rock Climbing, University Bands
   If you’re looking for a connection with the Peoria community there are tons of ways to get connected through service. From SERVE to Braves Volunteer, grabbing a group of friends and lending a few hours of your time will help you not only connect to the Peoria community but also allow you to make connections with others at Bradley!



Isha Patel

Isha Patel - Sophomore

   Kinesiology & Health Science
   Bloomington, IL
   Normal Community West High School
   ODI Scholar, Honors Program, Health Science Organization
   College has a completely different schedule and learning platform compared to high school. Professors will cover the important material and are always willing to help, but the more in-depth learning is done on your own. It’s suggested you spend 2-3 hours studying outside of class per hour of class you attend. Also, being aware of what learning style works best for you is helpful as well. Oh and just don’t forget to take brain breaks here and there!



Camryn Picken

Camryn Picken - Sophomore

   Manito, IL
   Midwest Central High School
   Bohlander Stem Cell Research Lab, Honors Program, BU Rock Climbing
   Physical and mental health while on campus is essential. Be sure to schedule time throughout your week to head to Markin for a workout, go for a walk around campus, spend some time with friends, or even just a moment to breathe and de-stress from classes! To be successful with anything in life, you have to tend to your well-being!



Ben Reitmeier

Ben Reitmeier - Senior

   History and Political Science Double Major
   St. Joseph, IL
   St. Joseph-Ogden High School
   Red Sea, Pre Law Club, Activities Council of Bradley University (ACBU), Residential Living, Honors Program
   Bradley University has a lot of hidden secrets that not a lot of people notice at first glance. From the pathways that allow you to get to class quicker to the battle ropes on the second floor of Markin, everyday can become your own version of National Treasure. Make it your job to try to learn something new everyday about Bradley that you think is a hidden gem.



Alissa Sutton

Alissa Sutton - Senior

   Management and Leadership Major
   Petersburg, IL
   PORTA High School
   Women in Business, African Student Association, Intramurals>
   Making mistakes is a normal part of life, in fact, it is imperative to your success! Throughout your college career, you will experience moments of failure and that’s okay! At Bradley the support you receive is endless, so don’t be discouraged when you make a mistake. Instead, create an action plan with your advisor, the Academic Success Center, classmates, etc., and you will flourish!



Warren Thielbar

Warren Thielbar - Senior

   Pekin, IL
   Pekin Community High School
   Activities Council of Bradley University
   College is the next big step in life and can be stressful but it’s important to be yourself! I was worried about this step and didn’t know if I was ready or if I could make any friends. That said, being yourself, even if you are a wrestling fan as I am, can help you find your friend groups, which can lead to other opportunities, which can lead to … I think you get it! It can be as simple as saying hello to a fellow nervous classmate in your EHS 120 class or joining a club you’re interested in. Just take a deep breath and believe in yourself. The Bradley community will accept you, even if you are a wrestling fan like I am!