Orientation Team

Will Cypert

Will Cypert - Junior

   Political Science
   Galesburg, IL
   Galesburg High School
   Intramurals, Residential Advisor, Hall Director, Big Idea Competition, RLAB, Powder Club
   You never know what opportunities are out there until you actually experience them. I actively try to pursue different opportunities when they are presented to me. Taking these chances can lead to new doors opening up for you. This also helps you get to know a lot of people and expand your network, which is especially important as you pursue internships and full-time jobs once you leave Bradley.



Camryn Picken

Camryn Picken - Junior

   Manito, IL
   Midwest Central High School
   Undergraduate Student Researcher in Psychology, Student Scholarship Expo, Honors Program, Psi Chi, HerCampus
    Maintaining your physical and mental health while on campus is essential. Be sure to schedule time throughout your week to head to Markin for a workout, go for a walk around campus, spend some time with friends, or take a moment to breathe and de-stress from classes. To be successful with anything in life, you have to tend to your well-being!



Kaleigh Clarke

Kaleigh Clarke - Junior

   English with a Concentration in Creative Writing
   Oak Park, IL
   Oak Park and River Forest High School
   House Manager at Dingledine, Pre Law Club Member, Charter Member of NACWC, Belle’s Majorette Dancer
   I have found many opportunities within the Peoria Community, such as getting to work with the Peoria Racial Justice committee, meeting the mayor through a Bradley University Internship, and working on Social Justice projects. I have grown as a person and gotten to form positive relationships with people in the Peoria area. Similar opportunities are available through the Career Center or your professors so don’t be afraid to ask around!



Katy Skonicki

Katy Skonicki - Sophomore

   Elementary Education
   New Lenox, IL
   Lincoln-Way West High School
   BSEA (Bradley Student Education Association), Avid reader, Loves helping others
   College is a fresh start, take advantage of it. Join clubs that you second guess yourself out of joining in high school because of judgment by others. Do what makes you happy without others’ input being the final factor on what you should or shouldn’t join. You have the perfect opportunity to show your true personality that you might have not been comfortable doing in high school. Don’t waste a chance to be your genuine self in and outside the classroom!



Leanne Kappeler

Leanne Kappeler - Sophomore

   Middle School Education, Mathematics
   La Grange Park, IL
   Lyons Township High School
   Kappa Delta, Wags for Mags, love to crochet and find a variety of colors for my nails
   During my first few weeks at Bradley, I wasn’t the type of person who would ask questions. For example, I thought that I was good with technology, but I ended up having trouble connecting my TV to the internet. I was nervous to ask my RA for help because I thought it would be dumb question to ask, but I decided to ask anyway! Asking for help saved me so much time. In addition, I randomly started asking questions to someone who sat next to me in class, and now we are very good friends. Overall, it is important to understand that no question is too small or unimportant to ask, and you never know what opportunities will come from them!



Anna Belogliadova

Anna Belogliadova - Sophomore

   Economics, Management Information Systems
   St. Petersburg, Russia
   Lyceum NO144
   D1 Tennis Team, International Students Association, Economics Club
   Oscar Wilde once said: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”. Don’t be foolish…listen to this great author! It is hard work to pretend to be somebody else. Do not put yourself in this tough position. Let people see the real, imperfect, quirky, beautiful, magical person that you are. There are billions of people in the world, and everybody is unique. You will find the right people on campus who will accept you, love you, and take care of you. Let yourself shine. You deserve it!



Bezawit Legesse

Bezawit Legesse - Junior

   Chemistry - Chemical Engineering Concentration
   Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
   Hill Side School
   International Students Association, Anime Club, Active Minds, African Students Association
   Bradley is an amazing place to be! You will expand your horizons and experience more growth than you could have ever imagined. Just don’t forget to call home sometimes. People back home miss you and are thinking about you just as much as you miss them. Some may not want to bother you and may be reluctant to reach out as often as they would like. Don’t underestimate how much a single text can make someone’s day.



Lauren Duell

Lauren Duell - Sophomore

   Noblesville, IN
   Honors Program, NSLS, Digital Art Team, Fighting Game Club, FUSE, 24Hours Contest, 12to12 Animation Contest, Game Jam
   If you’re ever stuck on an assignment or need some assistance with a class, there is no need to fear! Your professors are a great resource when it comes to asking questions about schoolwork. I chat with my professors whenever I have questions outside of class, and it has been a crucial resource for my education. Think about it, your professors are not only incredibly passionate about the topics they teach, but they’re also here to cheer you on and help you succeed at Bradley!



Alexander Griffith

Alexander Griffith - Junior

   Music Entertainment and Industry
   Sioux City, IA
   Libertyville High School
   Guitarist, Writer, Lyricist, Rock Climber, FUSE, COM 103 Spotlight Competition
   College presents opportunities that allow you to grow. Fully embracing them makes college enjoyable in a more holistic way. For example, during my first year at Bradley, I took the time to explore parts of Peoria outside of campus and had a blast discovering local businesses. I also grew personally when I took a chance and entered a speech competition, pushing outside of my comfort zone and growing my experiences. When you take a chance in life, sometimes good things happen, and sometimes, it may not go the way you want, but if you don’t take a chance nothing happens.



LaBria Gordon

LaBria Gordon - Junior

   Public Health Education
   South Holland, IL
   Thornridge High School
   Belles of Bradley Dancer, Service on Saturday
   During classes and academic sessions, if you ever are confused or need assistance with projects or homework you can take advantage of professor office hours, tutoring sessions, attend online and/or in-person study groups, email questions and concerns to professors and staff, and so much more! These are great resources to help you succeed...take advantage!



Miles Swezy

Miles Swezy - Sophomore

   History Education
   Morris, IL
   Morris Community High School
   Frequent attendee to on-campus lectures, Hall Council events, Grey's Anatomy fan, Culver's custard lover (but especially the vanilla)
   Don’t miss out on opportunities to get extra credit! Not many professors offer it frequently, but when they do it usually is not too much work. This can also show them you care about the class, which can also be worth that extra point that could be the difference between a “B” and an “A”! Also, make sure you take advantage of reserving study rooms. If you and your friends need a quiet place to study, the library has moveable whiteboards, TVs, and power outlets in all the study rooms for you to use. These can be great opportunities to help you succeed!