what all attendees should bring

Overnight Bedding

Students will be staying in Geisert Hall. Parents/guests/supporters that choose to stay on campus will be staying away from their student(s) in our singles complex. Single guests will have a room with a twin bed. Two guests staying in a room together will have two twin beds. All overnight students and guests will need to bring their own extra-long twin linens (flat fitted extra long sheet, extra-long twin sheet, blanket, and pillow) along with toiletries, (toothbrush, shower sandals, towel, washcloth, etc.). There are community bathrooms on each floor with individual shower stalls.

The majority of the beds in Geisert will be extra-long twin’s with some additional twin beds. Please bring extra-long sheets as they will fit on either bed. We will have some extra-long twin sheets on hand if your regular twin sheets do not match the extra-long twin bed. Otherwise, in the past based on personal comfort, some students have brought sleeping bags, extra flat sheets or extra-long blankets to cover the bed.


Orientation events are casual. You may also want to bring a sweater, light jacket or sweatshirt (many buildings on campus are very cold), umbrella and a rain jacket if needed.

Students may spend time in the Markin Family Student Recreation Center. Please bring gym shoes and recreational clothing. Guests/supporters will also have access to the Markin Center but down/free time is limited. Guests under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Government Issued ID

To obtain your Bradley ID, please bring either a license, passport, or photo ID card.

Health Form

You may submit your completed Health Form at Orientation or when you return to campus for the fall semester.

Final Transcripts, AP and IB Results and other test results

Please provide your Admission Counselor in Undergraduate Admission with these documents as soon as they become available to you.