Community Partners

Community partners play a critical role in helping Bradley University students become engaged citizens of Peoria and the surrounding communities. Whether it is conducting orientations and training sessions, involving students in ongoing projects, or helping students see the impact they are having on the community through direct service, community partners are co-educators for each student with whom they interact. Attending the Volunteer Recruitment Fair at the beginning of the fall semester is a great opportunity for community partners to begin developing relationships with their student volunteers.

Volunteer Coordination

The LJB Center offers many different opportunities to connect your agency with Bradley student volunteers.

Service on Saturday Member Agency

Once a month, over 100 students take part in Service on Saturday. We are in need of agencies who have service projects from 10am - 1pm on a given Saturday through the academic year. Based on your project, we will send the student volunteers to complete your goals in 3 hours. If you and your agency or interested, please register to be a SoS member agency.

Volunteer Fair

The annual Volunteer Fair is held in cooperation with the Activities Fair during Bradley’s Welcome Week in August. This year, the Fair will be August 20, 2018. More than 35 local agencies and organizations join us at the fair to spread the word about their organizations and recruit Bradley students to volunteer. If interested in registering, please email