Bradley HEAT (Help, Empower, & Teach)

We are Bradley Health Peer Educators striving to promote wellness through education, outreach programs, and role modeling. Through creative, interactive, and engaging programming, our goal is to support Bradley students in making informed decisions around their personal health and safety. The Bradley HEAT (Help, Empower, and Teach) is a student organization of peer leaders at Bradley University. The group consists of peer educators who use their skills to educate others on topics such as substance use, sexual health, bystander intervention, and sexual assault. Bradley HEAT can be found in Sisson 137.

Expectancy Challenge

Based on the work of Drs. Michael E. Dunn and Thomas Hall from the University of Central Florida, this presentation touches upon the biological effects of drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana versus those side effects one expects to feel. The Bradley HEAT facilitates discussion and presents facts about alcohol and marijuana during the EHS 120 courses.

Sex Ed

The Bradley HEAT facilitates the discussion of the topic of sex education and health to students living in the Residence Halls. Topics of discussion include safe practices, health statistics, STI's, and more. HEAT strives to make sure students at Bradley are safe and educated, and this presentation aids in their mission.