The Family Association committees meet prior to each meeting of the Family Board of Directors. All Family Board members are assigned to a committee.

Family Board Executive Committee

BU Liaison: Anne Hollis, (309) 677-3658

The Executive Committee of the Family Board of Directors exists to plan, develop and produce ad hoc and continuing projects in support of the Family Association Board of Directors and the parents of all Bradley University students. The committee is responsible for the:

  • production of the Bradley University Family calendar
  • presentation of the Family Annual Award of Excellence to a Bradley staff or faculty member
  • development and maintenance of Family Association web pages
  • selection of the recipient of the annual Student Recognition Award
  • family board assistance with New Student Orientation and Move-in Weekend

Enrollment Management and Retention Committee

The Enrollment Management and Retention Committee provides the family perspective in the recruiting process and supports the Center for Enrollment Management’s efforts to recruit new students to Bradley. Members also support the Center for Student Support Services in student retention efforts. Members may assist through active participation in various recruiting activities or by giving input on the recruiting and retention processes. Activities include:

  • telephone calls to the parents of prospective students
  • assisting with college night programs
  • hosting small gatherings of prospective students and their parents
  • assisting with new recruitment projects

Family Fund Projects Committee

BU Liaison: Shelly Smith (309) 677-3091,

The Family Fund Projects committee activities include:

  • advising the fundraising efforts for the Family Projects Fund
  • directing and evaluating parent fundraising activities through the Bradley Fund office
  • evaluating parent project proposals submitted by University departments for support from the Family Fund Projects
  • making project recommendations to the Family Board for parent funding

Smith Career Center Committee

BU Liaison: Rick Smith (309) 677-2514,

The Smith Career Center Committee provides new ideas, feedback and resources that will enhance the effectiveness of the Smith Career Center’s outreach and services for students and employers. The committee assists with:

  • mailings to family of current students
  • networking among students, alumni, and prospective employers
  • outreach to prospective employers

Special Events Committee

BU Liaison: David Trillizio (309) 677-2423 or

The Special Projects Committee's responsibilities include:

  • enhance family communications with quarterly blasts through social media
  • scheduling Board members to attend Summer Orientation and answer questions
  • scheduling Board members to attend Move in Day and answer questions
  • create more excitement and activities at Family Weekend so families return each year