Family Support

Participation of Bradley University parents in a number of important areas has become increasingly vital to the University's growth and progress in recent years. Involvement in admissions, placement, student activities, and the Family Fund Projects grants are becoming traditional and indispensable. 

Funding for Family Association projects and services are derived from 2 main sources. 

  • While every Bradley parent is automatically a member of the Family Association, we do ask for a voluntary annual membership fee of $30 to support family programming.
  • We also rely on unrestricted gifts to support Family Fund Projects in order to ensure that all of the important projects chosen for the year will receive adequate funding. Families may go online to make their Family Fund Projects gifts.

Recipients of 2021 Family Fund Project Grants

Cullom-Davis Library: Library Study Snacks

The Cullom-Davis Library provides study snacks for students during finals week. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and snacks are all available to students to pick up and enjoy throughout finals week. Finals week is a stressful time for students so having coffee and snacks available at the library helps them to refuel and prepare for success on their next exam.

Orientation Office: Orientation Tote Bags

The Orientation Office provides tote bags for family members and supporters to put all of the materials they have accrued during their Orientation session and as a welcome gift from Bradley University.

Smith Career Center: netWORK Web-based Career Management System

Students, alumni, and employers can access the web-based career management system known as Bradley netWORK. People connect with local, regional, and national employers who are looking for interns and employees.

Bradley University Police Department: Coffee with a Cop

Twice every semester, the BUPD hosts a program designed to improve communication and understanding between officers and students, with coffee, donuts, and other refreshments as an icebreaker. Coffee with a Cop creates space for students and officers to build trust and create relationships.

Campus Recreation: Group Fitness

Group Fitness here on campus has brought students of all years and genders together to loosen up and enjoy 40 minutes of stress relief. Roughly around nine instructors teach various classes ranging from yoga to core strength. These classes help alleviate stress and promote a healthy routine.

Mund-Lagowski Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry: Modernizing the Organic Chemistry Lab

Significant modifications to the Organic Chemistry labs have been funded by the Family Association. This project seeks to modernize the labs in an effort to support high-impact teaching and learning practices related to Bradley University’s core values. This modernization will allow students more exposure to the topics of organic chemistry and reinforce their knowledge.

Art Department: Mural Project

The Bradley University Art Department plans to expand the mural project in collaboration with Big Picture Initiative. Students are able to collaborate on deigns with each other and expand their artist portfolio to include large public art. This mural project will help students develop skills that will make them desirable job candidates and foster community involvement.

Smith Career Center, Student Support Services, and the Department of Nursing: Career Closet

The Career Closet provides interview outfits for Bradley University students who are unable to afford the clothes they need to make the “best first impression” that they can. It will allow students access a professional wardrobe for interviews.

Family and Consumer Sciences: Peoria Grown

Peoria Grown’s mission is to address food insecurity through improved coordination of resources. They will provide a marketplace where students can purchase low-cost, healthy, and fresh foods. Additional resources include a hub for wellness outreach and education such as cooking and nutrition classes.

Department of Communications: Presentation Assistance Center

The Presentation Assistance Center is a place for students to come and get feedback from trained consultants on speeches, presentations, and oral deliveries for all of their classes and work projects. The consultants are current students who act as mentors and provide individual assistance in developing speaking skills. It is a beneficial tutoring organizations for students to take advantage of.