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Meet the Teams

The Bradley Fund Phone A Thon program hires Bradley students to raise money for the University. We phone alumni, parents and friends of Bradley and update their contact information, tell them what’s happening on campus, and secure gifts for the University.

The Bradley Fund Phone a Thon is one large family! The student callers are led by the Bradley Fund Intern team. The BFund calling room has been described as the best job on campus! We emphasize team work and goal setting. It’s great to be able to reach alumni and talk about their lives and their experiences at Bradley.

You are always welcome to drop in and see how things are going in the Bradley Fund Phone room!

Student Managers

Student Managers

Student Managers: (from left to right) Elisabeth Canum, Alex Cipriani, Julia Caesarr

Team Burger King

Team Finding Nemo

Team Finding Nemo: (from left to right) back row: Stephanie Stanislawski, Ranise Sanford, Ben Sullivan, Madi Nagy. Front row: Kimberly Velazquez, Hailey Gaspari, Lindsey Donlan

“I love getting to meet new people from all different majors and getting to hear how Bradley used to be from the alumni.”

Stephanie Stanislawksi, Team Leader


Team Lilo and Stitch

Team Lilo and Stitch: (from left to right) back row: Gabe Roy, Emily Storey, Christian Kolosvary, Danny Zawadzki. Front row: Chasean Brown, Hannah Hospodar

“The Bradley Fund is a great way to stay connected to the current students, the alumni, and Bradley University as a whole.”

Emily Storey, Team Leader

Team Shark Tale

Team Shark Tale

Team Shark Tale: (from left to right): Nicole Pfund, Chris Smagcz, Rachel Becker. (not pictured): Soren Umali and Gabby Cadieux

“I love the Bradley Fund because not only have I met amazing people in the call center, but I’ve gotten to meet people on the phone who have had interesting lives and it’s great to hear about it their experience at Bradley.”

Kyla Gersten, Team Leader

Team Moana

Team Moana

Team Moana: (from left to right) back row: Kianna Goss, Jessica Tejada, Diane Zuniga-Hurtado. Front row: Jacques Potts, Jake Roy

“I love the relationships that I build over the phone and hearing about the Bradley experiences that alumni had and comparing it to mine. I love when alumni give any kind of advice about the future too!.”

Jessica Tejada, Team Leader

Team Spongebob

Team Spongebob

Team Spongebob: (from left to right): Kate Hamptom, Sara Koronkowski, Martin Gonzalez, Connor O’Brien, Arlee O’Shaughnessy

“The Bradley Fund family is the family I never knew I needed. The camaraderie is of the BFund is the best part of every shift!”

Connor O’Brien, Team Leader

Team Little Mermaid

Team Little Mermaid

Team Little Mermaid: (from left to right) Shelby Harrison, Grace Myers, Colleen Miller, Jerod Lockhart. (not pictured): Brittany Dohney and Hailey Mason

“I really love the Bradley Fund because I have made so many connections I never thought I would. Not only have I made great friendships with my supportive coworkers, but I have spoken to alumni that have given me a new appreciation for Bradley.”