Five Books and a Movie

We always knew our alumni were a creative, talented bunch. Here's a sample of some recent endeavors:

Playing The Game by Paul Remack

"Playing the Game: Create Your Legacy and Preserve Your Estate for Future Generations," by Paul Remack ’71, focuses on the best ways to preserve and transfer personal wealth.

The Kings of the Rings: Stories from the VFW National Marble Tournaments 1947-1962 by Scott Rice McBride '76

"The Kings of the Rings: Stories from the VFW National Marble Tournaments 1947-1962" by Scott Rice McBride ’76, shares the backstory of the game and its significance for the men who played it.

Happiness Calling by Victoria Fellers Mitchell

"Happiness Calling: A Practical Guide for Saying Yes to Life’s Joys," by Victoria Fellers Mitchell ’83, illustrates the benefits of self-care and mindfulness.

Lead With Literacy by Mandy Pierce Ellis

"Lead with Literacy: A Pirate’s Guide to Developing a Culture of Readers," by Mandy Pierce Ellis ’04 M.A. ’07 M.A. ’12, offers practical and fun ideas to embed a love of reading into a school’s culture.

Cuppy the Special Cupcake by Kristine A. Sisco

"Cuppy the Special Cupcake," by Kristine A. Sisco ’06, is about acceptance and self-discovery for ages 5-12.

The Dinner Scene by Nicholas Thurkettle

"The Dinner Scene," a short, romantic-comedy written and directed by Nicholas Thurkettle ’99, depicts a screenwriter’s issue with self-doubt while writing a romantic reunion scene.

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