Double-duty Athlete

Two-sport athletes are rare at the college level — but one senior is taking his shot(s) at it.

NAME: Alex Ciaramitaro
(pronounced SIERRA - mah - TARE – oh)

HOMETOWN: St. Peters, Mo.

MAJOR: Mechanical engineering-energy concentration

HOW GOLF AND SOCCER DIFFER: “Golf is quieter, and I love the crowds. I love when we play in front of 3,000-4000 people at Shea (Stadium, soccer’s home field). It’s the best thing in the world. So, I try to manufacture that on the golf course.”

WHY REDSHIRT IN GOLF BUT NOT SOCCER: Soccer limited his participation in fall golf and he could hit the links for an extra year while getting an MBA. “I’ve never been able to play a full year of golf before (in college), it’s always been broken up. I wondered how my game would improve if I played a whole year. In the fall … my (golf) game goes to rock-bottom.”

KEEPING LIFE BALANCED: “The biggest key for me is definitely time-management … finding solid blocks of time to do homework and study. (Also) naps. I don’t mind staying up until 2 or 3 a.m. doing homework as long as I can squeeze in a nap the next day.”

ABOVE: Photo by Duane Zehr

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