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Kelly Hicks ’20

Kelly Hicks, a psychology major from Sleepy Hollow, Ill., was the winner of the first-ever Bradley Idol competition, held in April, with her interpretation of the Whitney Houston classic, “I Have Nothing.”

1. How old were you when you began singing and performing?

I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember; I sang in choir and musical theater. As a kindergartener, my class sang this little song at my mom’s workplace. Afterward, “Feliz Navidad” started playing and since it was one of my favorite Christmas songs, I ran back up on stage and started lipsyncing in front of everyone!

2. Besides Whitney, who are your musical inspirations?

I like Beyoncé — that’s a classic answer. Otherwise, I’m a really big fan of musicals. Sara Bareilles’ musical, “Waitress,” is my favorite, and Lin-Manuel Miranda is just a musical genius. He’s an inspiration.

3. What advice would you give to someone to help them overcome stage fright?

Growing up, I didn’t really have any stage fright, but now I definitely do. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people who support you and can give you that confidence boost when you’re not feeling it. Also, believing in yourself is key.

4. What embarrassing songs would I find on your phone?

I know every single lyric to (George Michael’s) “Careless Whisper” and I play it all the time. I also like a lot of joke songs or mashups, like “Thomas the Tank Engine” paired with rap music. I have a lot of weird music on my phone that no one would actually listen to, but I do.

5. What's next on the horizon?

I’m a sophomore right now, but I’m planning to go to graduate school and study art therapy. Besides looking into various programs, I’m just continuing to be creative. I love all forms of art, not just music.

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