Heard and Seen on Campus

“My dad used to tell me ‘pretend you’re broadcasting to a blind person and you are their eyes.’”

Legendary sportscaster RALPH LAWLER ’61 at the 2019 Charley Steiner Symposium, Nov. 5



“What you think really matters to Hollywood. Like a lot. We can all use our collective individual power to make Hollywood better.”

Journalist MAUREEN “MO” RYAN, in her Robison lecture, “The Myths of Hollywood: Why Dissecting Them Matters, Especially If You Love What Hollywood Makes,” Oct. 8.


YouTube star MATT BELLASSAI at the first “Live! on Main” comedy show, Sept. 30.



“The ear is a conduit from the outer world to the inner world of each individual.”

Environmental artist KAREN MCCOY at the 2019 Midwest Women Artists Symposium, on the importance of leaving the studio and making art that is part of the larger community.

“Robert H. Michel: Leading the Republican House Minority,” edited by Frank Mackaman and Sean Kelly

Known for his bipartisanship and work ethic, MICHEL ’48 HON ’81, spent 38 years in Congress representing the Peoria area, including as the longest-tenured House minority leader in history.


“Boy on the Bridge,” by Andrew Marble

The first biography of Gen. JOHN SHALIKASHVILI ’58, HON ’94, who became the first immigrant and first draftee to serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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