Graduates with Honors

Bradley graduates continue to lead the way — demonstrated by the three newest members of the Centurion Society. Joining the ranks of nearly 200 Centurions are the leader of a top family owned manufacturer, a surgeon who developed innovative treatments for breast cancer and a powerful producer in the entertainment world.

Jory F. Luster ’75

President, Luster Products Inc., a leading family owned manufacturer of premium personal care products for African Americans.

“From the moment I got here (as a student), I saw people I knew, peopleI knew of. I learned how to learn here and I can’t describe how that felt. It was an epiphany.”

Lynne M. Jalovec ’78

General and breast cancer surgeon and the 1996 Outstanding Young Graduate who helped develop comprehensive breast cancer programs at two Peoria hospitals.

“This school wanted me and I wanted them. Everyone here at Bradley was supportive of the fact that women can do anything they set their minds to.”

Lisa Helfrich-Jackson ’86

Vice President of television production for Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc. and two-time Emmy winner.

“Let’s face it: Fine arts degrees make parents nervous. The arts saved me. I say it over and over. The Hartmann Theatre was my home away from home. I had a 21st century education in the 1980s.”

Alumni Awards

DISTINGUISHED ALUMNA AWARD Lisa Helfrich-Jackson ’86, vice president of televison production, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc.
LYDIA MOSS BRADLEY AWARD Robert Caruthers ’63 M.A. ’66, retired educator.
OUTSTANDING YOUNG GRADUATE AWARD Tommy Choi ’03, co-founder of Weinberg Choi Residential and co-owner of Keller Williams Chicago- Lincoln Park

Faculty Awards

PUTNAM AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING Kristi McQuade, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry
ROTHBERG AWARD FOR PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE Tanya Marcum, professor of business law
CATERPILLAR FACULTY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FOR TEACHING Rachel Vollmer, assistant professor of family and consumer sciences
CATERPILLAR FACULTY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FOR SCHOLARSHIP Dunja Antunovic, assistant professor of communication
MERGEN AWARD FOR PUBLIC SERVICE Heather McCord ’01 MBA ’06, associate dean for budget and administration, Foster College of Business

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