Pride of Ownership

Symbols of success: 2003 classmates Mills Clement and Choi standing tall on the DuSable Street Bridge in downtown Chicago.

By S.L. Guthrie,
Photography by Duane Zehr

Mills Clement is the first African-American CEO of the 136-year-old, 15,500-member Chicago Association of Realtors and one of the university’s newest trustees. Choi is the first Korean-American president of the association, as well as co-founder of the thriving Keller Williams Chicago – Lincoln Park, which is home to his team, Weinberg Choi Residential, started with Josh Weinberg ’04. Choi also serves on the advisory council for the Foster College of Business. Both active in community service, the two have learned from their experiences and now look to help others reach their goals.

How has coming from a diverse background affected your career(s) and how do you hope to increase diversity within the industry?

Michelle, how does the association plan to advocate for under-served communities? Can you share some examples?

How would you say the economy affects real estate these days? Are more people buying homes or staying put and making do?

How did you get involved in real estate, and what was it that intrigued you?

Tommy, how do you think residential real estate has changed in the past decade?

One last question, just for fun. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?