Asked and Answered

For four weeks this winter, the Bradley family went all out to show their love of others — and the university — via social media posts, donuts, Valentines and even action figures sent through interoffice mail. And it’s never too late to #LoveBradley! Try one of these:

Smile at everyone you pass for one full day

Share why you love Bradley on social media

Practice self-kindness by doing something you love

Make a commitment to do one act of kindness a day in 2019

Support a student organization by attending an event

Surprise someone with flowers

Mail a card to a family member

Sign up for a volunteer opportunity at

Deliver cookies to a neighbor

Write a professor, classmate or campus employee a thank you note

Invite someone new to eat lunch with you

Send an encouraging text to a friend or classmate

Leave a positive Post-it note somewhere

Donate blood

Buy someone coffee, hot chocolate or tea

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