Feedback: What’s in a Name?

Although there had been a few tweaks, Bradley Hilltopics hadn’t had a significant redesign in 20 years. We spent two years thinking, researching, surveying and talking with alumni, students, faculty and administration before making this decision. We knew not everyone would love the idea, but the feedback indicated we had enough support for the name change. The number of online students is growing, and the universal link between them and those on campus is Bradley. We wanted the magazine’s name to reflect that connection. And we’re happy to refer to campus as the Hilltop elsewhere in the magazine.

Whether you liked the new magazine or weren’t so crazy about it, we love hearing from our readers. Keep sending your thoughts to

Fantastic job with this edition. I love the redesign and the content was great. I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work!
Eric Delvo ’16

I just have to say, I am very impressed with what you all have done. Great job! I’ve only read the online version but I think it looks fantastic. Exciting to see things evolve on campus :) Keep up the good work!
Michael Cortese, DPT grad student

After reading the latest edition of the Bradley Magazine, I must admit that I far prefer the hard copy which arrives in my snail mailbox! I like to read and reread the articles and find it more difficult with the digital transmission.
Jennifer Johnson ’67

Really? A picture of a woman in bra and panties for your cover? Totally inappropriate. There are many, many, many other choices you could have made to illustrate the article, especially in today’s climate. SHAME ON YOU.
Janet Kosiek ’79

I enjoyed the inaugural issue of the redesigned “Bradley” magazine — especially the online version. I particularly appreciated Bob Grimson’s photo essay, “The Boys of Bradley,” and the “Family Footsteps” sidebar. I’d often heard references to the WW I Camp Bradley, but until reading Bob’s piece, I knew very little about it. Thank you.
Keith Butterfield ’77

I just finished reading the magazine and want to congratulate you on a splendid first edition. The old Hilltopics was so outdated and sorely in need of a redesign. The magazine is snappy, bright, and readable. Thank you.
Galen J. Reser ’73

The digital magazine is not easy to read. Working around the graphics to get to the story is time consuming and annoying. Basically, I don’t like it. I enjoyed the print copy as it was easy to read in a sequential manner. If I have to choose, I will stick to print.
Mary Swain ’62

Losing Hilltopics was a branding mistake. It was unique and stood out. Don’t care much for some of the pastel colors. If the first sentences don’t draw me in, a little clock telling me how long it will take to read isn’t going to do the trick. Perhaps the changes will grow on us over time, but what we saw in the first attempt gets a thumbs down.
Norm & Beth Ricca

Overall, I really liked the new format, and I found the stories very interesting. Dropping Hilltopics felt more like a shock than the natural evolution it should have; this change is likely taking away some of the bang. Context is key: there was no explanation for the change given. Hilltopics made the alumni magazine stand out from its compadres, rather than being just another magazine.
Chad Turner ’96, MSA ’97

Fabulous images, design, style, content. Solid team work. As a photographer for Getty Images, I am very sensitive to what I see. Good work, Duane.
Robin Pendergrast ’67

Great new format. Very professional presentation. Question: Does Bradley still have a basketball team? Forgive me but I remember when every piece of communication from the school supported and promoted the program. It was something that brought everyone together and instilled a great sense of pride and brought a lot of attention to our school, and I suspect generated a lot of alumni donations. Great things are happening under coach Wardle but reading this issue of Bmag you’d never know it. Go BU!!
Frank Wainwright ’70

I like the look of the new magazine; you even managed to make obituaries look better.
Jeff Greenfield ’74

Just a note to tell you that the new Bradley magazine was outstanding. The articles and the format were great. Look forward to the next issue. Thank you.
Susan Schmitt Haines ’63

Really enjoyed the new Bradley magazine. Read it from cover to cover. It demonstrates a newness and freshness that catapults Bradley into the 21st century. Thank you.
Ira Mallin ’64 MBA ’65

I just finished reading Bradley magazine online. Great magazine! Keep up the good work.
F. Sadi Gucum MSIE ’73

I do not like the new website at all. I like browsing through the site like a magazine and not having to go back to a sort of index at the top of the page to find a new article. Overall a big disappointment. Hope you make some major changes or I won’t bother reading in the future.
Lloyd Tarr ’68

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