Haik-up to Mars

AI Space Factory snatched the top spot in the 3D building competition with their Marsha model.

The joint NASA-Bradley project has returned to Earth in the final round of the NASA 3D Printed Habitat Challenge. Two teams — New York’s AI SpaceFactory and Penn State University Park — have earned a combined $700,000 in prize money for designing, building and testing 3D-printed buildings for survival at deep-space destinations like the moon and Mars.

The project had us wondering about life on the Red Planet, and our thoughts turned to the following haikus.

Alien envy
my new home is possible
NASA, Bradley join

On the red planet
my new abode stands ready
helped by Bradley U

Project now pays off
new home an amazing chance
living on Mars time

Home an adventure
chronicle possible move
to Mars neighborhood

Planning Martian trips
Bradley, NASA offer fresh chance
real estate boom comes

Get in on ground floor
housing opportunitie
may abound on Mars

Interior view showing the inner core and light properties.

The design firm is also developing a model for Earth called Terra.

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