Settle Down With a Good Book

It’s no secret that for many, reading a good book is one of life’s great pleasures. Whether you head off on a grand adventure through the pages of a novel, become inspired by an author’s journey in their memoir or learn a new skill from an expert, you’re sure to find something enjoyable in these books authored by the talented Bradley community.

Knee Deep in the Heartland Book Cover

Knee Deep in the Heartland: Or How to Grow Gray Hair
Robert Coleman ’66

A story of memories and overcoming doubts travels from a journey across the Midwest to overcoming medical odds and the importance of being an organ donor.

Apple Pressings Book Cover

Apple Pressings: Squeezing Potent Truths from Sweet Bits of Knowledge
Chuck Ebeling ’66

A collection of 15 wide-ranging essays the author presented at the Chicago Literary Club between 2005 and 2019.

From Now to the End of Time Book Cover

From Now to the End of Time
Brian Sluga ’97

A “poetic adventure” in the author’s words that offers an honest, straightforward look at life.

Everyday Courage Cover

Everyday Courage
Jennifer Durham Hendrix ’10

A book about finding bravery in life and as a mother that points toward the daily choice of working to be a better version of yourself.

Gap Warriors Book Cover

Gap Warriors: Nonprofits Serving Unmet Needs and the Women Who Lead Them
Heather Wright Schlichting ’86

Female founders of nonprofits from around the world share their victories, challenges and ways to inspire others to embrace their groups’ missions.

Chess Progress Book Cover

Chess Progress: From Beginner to Winner
Erik Czerwin ’05

A book for chess enthusiast at all levels, it offers a unique training method that builds complex ideas from simple situations.

Me and My RV Book Cover

Me and My RV
K.D. McCleave ’62

This illustrated travelogue, with more than 230 color photographs, showcases places the author visited during 18 years in the RV lifestyle.

Melanin Book Cover

Danyelle Butler ’24

Through fiction, the author shows how misguided it is to let external appearances get in the way of our internal beliefs.

Measured Time Book Cover

Measured Time: Book One
Lynn Perez Hewitt ’74

Details the time travel of a Japanese-American physicist from World War II to 2008 and his efforts to understand and connect his past and present.

150 Years of Marriage Book Cover

150 Years of Marriage
Ron ’76 and Crystal Carlson Meinstein ’77

Tells the stories and lessons of two World War II veterans and their Baby Boomer children show how love and joy can endure and thrive.

Lords of Eis Book Cover

Lords of Eis
Phillip Barea’00

The first book in the Chronicles of Eis series is a tale of adventure involving a knight struggling to reclaim power for those rejected and oppressed.

Providential Book Cover

Steve Mamanella ’91

The author shares stories from his personal life and professional experiences as a communicator to show how our destinies intersect with God’s plan.

Three Pointers Book Cover

Three Pointers
Jonathan Wheeler ’81

A novel about the choices we make and that make us. It’s written in three different fonts telling the story of a young man, his basketball life and poetry in different ways.

A Booty Book Cover

A Booty Book
Rob Tokarz ’06

Starting as a joke, this cheeky exploration of a certain part of the human anatomy developed from three years of sketches.

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