Event Services Space Usage Policies

General Policies

  1. Registered Student Organizations, Bradley University departments, offices, facilities, and individuals, as well as non-University businesses and organizations, are expected to adhere to all policies and procedures set forth by the University.
  2. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings on Bradley’s campus
  3. Any user will be required to pay for any damages and/or extraordinary cleanup costs which have resulted due to room usage.
  4. Event Services may change room assignments in order to better accommodate all scheduled groups on a particular day.
  5. Failure to cancel a Student Center room that you will not be using at least 72 hours in advance may result in rental charges. Charges will be equal to 50% of the rental rate for that space.


  1. Any student organization requesting use of campus grounds for assembly must obtain approval from the Director of Student Activities who will consult with appropriate University officials.
  2. The proposed assembly must allow individuals to enter buildings, walk freely on campus and be free from harassment.
  3. If the assembly is held when classes are in session, noise may not be heard inside academic classrooms.
  4. Due to the possibly sensitive nature of planned assemblies, the confidentiality of the proposed event will be maintained if requested by the student organization.
  5. Non-compliance with these procedures and/or a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of Bradley students will be referred to the Director of Student Activities and individuals who violate these policies may be subject to University Disciplinary Procedures. There must be a 24-hour period between protest activities.

Michel Student Center

  1. Registered student organizations in good standing will have priority in reserving Michel Student Center rooms. Organizations may reserve rooms up to 180 days in advance. Conflicting date requests will be resolved on a first come, first served basis. The Activities Council of Bradley University will have first priority for the Marty Theatre on Friday and Saturday nights for their weekend film series.
  2. University offices/departments may reserve rooms up to 270 days in advance.
  3. Open scheduling for the University spaces will begin following completion of the academic schedule for the upcoming semester. This is generally around April 15. At this point, student organizations, University offices/departments, individuals and groups from outside the University may reserve space will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Space reservations may be requested before the dates outlined above – but in no case more than one year in advance by contacting the Event Services Office.
  5. Student organizations may submit a written request to sponsor an event at which alcohol is served. The request must clearly state the purpose of the event, who will be invited (all attendees must be at least 21 years of age) and why the organization feels it is necessary to serve alcohol. Permission will be granted by the Director of Student Activities and the Assistant Director of Event Services. All alcohol will be served/distributed by Event Services Staff.
  6. Student organizations, campus departments and non-University groups may reserve table space on the first floor of the Michel Student Center. Table reservations are limited to two days per week per event.
  7. Non-University organizations and businesses will be charged $50 per day. Organizations may host a table TWO times per semester in each location listed but not in consecutive days or in the same week. Table rentals may not exceed a 4-hour period of time. The cost to rent a table is $50 and payment must be made no less than three business days in advance. Payments can be made to the Event Services office over the phone with a credit card or in person via cash, check or credit. If payment is not received at least three business days in advance, the reservation will be cancelled.
  8. Requests not made at least 3 business days in advance will not be approved. Reservations for the Student Center Ballroom must be received at minimum 7 business days in advance.
  9. The collection of funds for personal gain is prohibited.
  10. All Bradley regulations including the posting policy must be adhered to.

Campus Grounds (Outdoor) Reservation Requests

  1. Reservations for the use of Alumni Quad, Bradley Hall Patio and Olin Quad are made by completing an event space request via the EMS Web App and must be made at least three business days in advance.
  2. Non-University organizations and businesses may request tabling space for a fee of $50 per request. See External Table Rental Form for a full list of policies.
  3. When the activity involves the distribution of information, selling of goods, etc., members of the sponsoring organization must stay behind the table.
  4. In the event of harassment of people passing by, the group will be asked to leave the premises and will not be allowed to continue the event if it is scheduled for another day.
  5. The sale and use of alcohol is prohibited.
  6. Arrangements for serving or selling food at events must be arranged through Campus Dining Services.
  7. No heavy equipment or vehicles may be placed on the Quads.
  8. Staking of signs, tents, inflatable, etc. must be approved by Event Services.
  9. The collection of funds for personal gain is prohibited.
  10. All Bradley regulations including the Posting Policy must be adhered to.
  11. All events must adhere to the Noise Policy.

Registered Student Organization Events (when charging admission)

  1. Student Organizations registered with the Student Activities Office and in good standing are able to reserve space free of charge if a simple majority of the attendees are Bradley students, faculty or staff. If Markin is requested, any non-members must pay the $5 guest fee.
  2. If an admission fee, registration fee or similar is assessed, the organization must pay the student organization rental rate for that space. Fees collected to purchase prizes, awards, etc. are not considered donations and rental fees will still apply. Any support services such as staffing, custodial, etc. may apply.
  3. If collected fees are 100% donated (minus operating expenses) to an outside organization, rental fees will be waived. Organizations must show proof of donation with a valid receipt from the benefiting organization. Validation is completed through the Event Services Office. A receipt must be submitted within 30 days of the conclusion of the event or will be charged the rental fee for the space.
  4. Event Services recognizes that events are sometimes co-sponsored by multiple organizations and entities; however, student organizations shall not use their privileges for access to Bradley University space and services inappropriately to “front” for a non-university group or commercial vendor in order to avoid or reduce expenses and /or provide access to campus for those entities. Student organizations are not to reserve space for events, which they are not directly involved in, and present at. All instances of “fronting” for other student organizations, off-campus groups, or commercial vendors will result in an adjustment of all related fees to the non-university rate and may result in the loss of reservation privileges.