Financial Services - Centers of Expertise Email Contacts

Please send an email to the following addresses with these standard procedural or transactional questions. The Centers of Expertise will actively manage these inboxes and respond promptly.

I have a question about ... Please email ...
General financial services
Vendor invoices, inquiries, payments, expense reimbursement, and general A/P questions
Payroll and timekeeping
Grants/contracts accounts, gift accounts, university designated accounts, endowment spending, and student organizations
Bursar and student fees (i.e., tuition bills, tuition payments, outstanding and past due balances)
Entrance counseling, exit counseling, Perkins, Master Promissory Notes, and miscellaneous student loan items
Pearson student related questions
Quickcash transactions, balance, and general inquires
Bradley University investments correspondence and investment statements and general questions related to investments
Parking permit, citation, and general parking questions
HEERF, HEERF disbursements, and HEERF student eligibility
Request for door access (both key and card access) plus establishment of Aramark, Barnes & Noble, and other vendor employees
Student, faculty, and staff ID photo questions
Distance ed online student ID photo questions