Purchase Order Procedures

The purchase order is the vendor’s authorization to invoice and ship the material or perform a service as specified on the order. The purchase order is considered a legal document and contract between Bradley University and the vendor and under no circumstances should changes be made without the sanction of the Purchasing Department. This document is prepared from a properly authorized requisition.

The PO procedure is designed to expedite and control the purchasing of material and services for Bradley University, therefore, it is imperative that it be carefully worded and accurately prepared to minimize errors and misunderstandings. The distribution of the PO is as follows:

  • Original—(white) Faxed to vendor (if not confirming) and retained in purchasing until invoiced.
  • Copy #2—(yellow) Forward to central receiving department and held in an open file, alphabetically by company and number until the materials are received
  • Copy #3—(green) Returned to department with the pink copy of the requisition