Expenses Not Allowed Through the Petty Cash Fund

  1. Employee check cashing or borrowing from the fund
  2. Single purchases which exceed $25
  3. Items for personal use of staff (e.g., beverages, parking permits)
  4. Payment for services performed by employees or nonemployees
  5. Traffic citations
  6. Simultaneous purchases (stringing) made to circumvent the $25 limitation.
  7. Travel expenses, meals.
  8. Dues, memberships, subscriptions
  9. Conference fees
  10. Entertainment items
  11. Office decorations
  12. Alcoholic drinks
  13. Electrical appliances (space heaters/fans/coffee pots)
  14. Mileage, gasoline, per-diem payments
  15. Personal phone bills
  16. Postage stamps
  17. Gifts, flowers
  18. Utility bills
  19. Vehicle maintenance
  20. Catering services
  21. Use of fund to absorb cash overages and shortages of other cash receipting activities
  22. Items that should be requisitioned through Purchasing such as coffee supplies