Student Check Cashing

  1. You must present your BU QuickCard to cash a check.
  2. Cashier will cash a check from the student’s parent(s) and checks drawn on the student’s personal bank account. Such checks must contain the student’s name, BU ID number, local address, and phone number.
  3. Checks drawn on the student’s personal bank account must be made payable to the student and endorsed by the student.
  4. The following limits are placed on check cashing per day for students:
    • $150 maximum on one personal check.
    • $200 maximum on one non-BU payroll check
    • $400 maximum on BU payroll checks.
  5. No two party checks between students will be cashed.
  6. A charge of $25 will be applied to all checks returned as non-sufficient funds.
  7. All non-sufficient fund checks not made good within 60 days will be submitted to a collection agency. Any collection fees are the responsibility of the individual who presented the check for cash.