Vehicle Insurance

Situations exist where confusion or uncertainty may occur regarding automobile (vehicle) insurance. For University sponsored activities involving a vehicle, the following examples might assist in clarifying insurance coverage:

  1. Travel where student or staff drive their own vehicle
    The student’s or staff member’s coverage is primary and the University’s is secondary (i.e. the individual’s policy would be used to settle claims before Bradley’s policy would respond).
  2. Travel utilizing University-owned vehicles (i.e. to a meeting/convention/event)
    Provided the driver is a University-approved driver*, anyone so authorized is covered by Bradley’s insurance. University auto insurance covers the vehicle, however, it does not cover the driver for negligent acts.
    *Individuals wishing to become authorized to drive the University’s passenger vans or rent a vehicle other than a car must go to the Work Control Office in Macmillan Hall, Room 105 to complete an application and will be required to pass both written and behind-the-wheel tests. Work Control is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  3. Travel in rental vehicles or bus (should the rental agency insurance be purchased?)
    University coverage applies to rental vehicles. Rental agency insurance is unnecessary. If rental insurance is purchased, it becomes a personal expense, and will be paid by the individual. Should you have an accident, please notify and submit a police report to the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs (Cindy LaHood or Gary Anna).
  4. Travel with students riding in a University employee-owned vehicle
    Vehicle owner’s insurance is primary; University’s is secondary
  5. Does insurance agency need advance notice with names and dates where University travel is involved?
  6. A traveling faculty/staff member or student has personal property stolen while on University business. Will the University’s insurance cover its replacement?
    No. The University does not have an insurable interest in faculty/staff or student personal property
  7. Can students rent vehicles on behalf of the University?
    No. Students are not allowed to rent on behalf of the University---only Faculty/Staff.