Purchasing/Accounts Payable

Responsibilities of this department include establishment and administering purchasing policies, initiating reports necessary to permit analysis of purchasing performance, determining the method of purchasing, consolidating purchases of like or common items, and analyzing prices paid for material, equipment and services. Purchasing-A/P has the authority to question any aspect of a purchase including but not limited to the quality and quantity, suggested vendor and kind of materials that have been requested.


PaperSave is a complete document management, electronic workflow and transaction automation solution.

PaperSave’s unique integration into Financial Edge provides easy access to approving invoices. PaperSave helps to eliminate the time it takes to find missing or misplaced invoices. Approving invoices can be done through a desktop web browser or within the mobile app.

With this new process we are asking you to contact your vendors to send invoices electronically, if possible, to email accountspayable@bradley.edu. This will allow the invoices to flow into AP and then be routed to the Department Admins to complete information needed for approval. This instructional guide will give a step by step on completing the necessary information.

As we add in more departments and contact you please let us know of your areas of concern. We like finding solutions which will serve both parties!

Workflow is the area of the application where you will add additional information, notes and route to other approvers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I receive a paper invoice from a vendor?

Paper invoices should be scanned into .pdf format and emailed to accountspayable@bradley.edu. Please request that vendors send invoices electronically to the above email, especially frequently used vendors.

What do I do if a vendor emails me an invoice?

Invoices should be forwarded to accountspayable@bradley.edu. Please request that vendors send invoices directly to this email whenever possible, especially frequently used vendors.

What if I am going to be out of the office and unable to approve or route invoices during my absence?

PaperSave has an Out of Office feature which notifies workflow users when you are out of the office. It also allows you to designate an alternate user who will take ownership of your workflow items to approve and route invoices in your place.

What if someone forgets to set an out of office or if the leave is unexpected?

PaperSave administrators will be able to set the Out of Office for users in the event that they are unable. Please contact Jennifer (ext. 3229).

How do I route an invoice to a person if there is already another approver listed that also needs to approve in the same router category?

If, for example, you need to have your invoice approved by multiple Department Approvers, you would begin by selecting the first approver from the drop down list of names. Then, you would provide instructions in the comments box before you submit the invoice to the Approver directing them to route to the other Department Approver once they have approved.

How can I see the items in my workflow that need my attention?

You are able to see all of the items assigned to using either of the following methods.

  • Email – Click the Web Review hyperlink in the automatically generated email you receive at 10 AM daily
  • Webpage – Click on the following hyperlink to be taken directly into PaperSave Web Workflow at any time. You will need to login to the PaperSave server using your BUnetID/Bradley Credentials.