Parking Regulations

Any motor vehicle parked on University property in regulated spaces must display a valid Bradley University parking permit or pass. The type of permit indicates the areas where the vehicle may be parked.

Any vehicle which has accumulated five (5) or more unpaid parking citations or which inhibits traffic flow, hampers fire protection, is parked illegally in a reserved or handicapped space, blocks handicapped access, displays a lost/stolen or forged/altered parking permit is subject to immediate towing and impoundment.

Parking permits are required from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Visitors lot is a reserved area. All faculty, staff and students are prohibited from parking within this area unless otherwise notified.
These regulations are subject to change without notice when necessary to facilitate the parking or safety program of the University. When changes are necessary and have been approved by the University, an announcement will be made, if possible, in appropriate University publications, prior to the effective date of the change.

Driver Responsibility

  1. Finding Authorized Space — The responsibility of finding an authorized parking space rests with the driver. Lack of parking space, mechanical problems, inclement weather or other conditions are not considered valid excuses for violation of traffic and parking regulations.
  2. Space Availability — A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space, but only an opportunity to park within a specified area or areas. Drivers should be aware that spaces in prime areas tend to fill up first. Depending on arrival time, perimeter lots may be the best choice for parking.
  3. Enforcement — Failure of the University to strictly enforce any parking regulation shall not be construed as a waiver for the future enforcement of the regulation.
  4. Family Responsibility — An individual is responsible for citations issued to vehicles registered in his/her name or to his/her family.
  5. Permit Ownership — A parking permit signifies an individual has been granted the privilege of parking on University property. Ownership of the parking permits remains with the University. Individuals are not allowed to transfer ownership. The loss or theft of a permit should be reported to the University Police Department immediately. Possession or use of a lost/stolen or forged/altered permit will result in a fine, equal to the cost of the permit, and loss of parking privileges. Recovered lost or stolen permits should be returned to the University Police Department immediately.
  6. Permit Display — Parking permits or passes must be displayed according to the parking regulations or special instructions provided at the time of issuance. A parking permit is not considered valid unless it is displayed correctly on the vehicle.

Parking Regulations

Stall Designations

Parking is permitted only within marked stalls in paved lots and bumper blocks in gravel lots. Vehicles will be parked "front end" into a parking space and not "backed in."

  • White Stalls — Stalls are marked by two white lines on either side of designated space. Only one vehicle per space is permitted.
  • Blue Stalls — Stalls are marked by two blue lines on either side of designated space. Only one vehicle per space is permitted.
  • Bumper Blocks — Blocks are placed in gravel lots to indicate space, unless they are painted yellow or designated differently by color or wording. Only one vehicle per bumper block is permitted.
  • Yellow Markings — Yellow curbs and hashed out areas are designated fire lanes, handicapped parking, or no parking zones. In most instances, signage will help the motorist distinguish the spaces. Yellow marked areas are tow-away zones and must be kept clear at all times for designated or emergency vehicles.


The traffic laws as provided by the State of Illinois Vehicle Code, Compiled Statutes shall apply on Bradley University property.

  1. Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed for motor vehicles on University property is 10 miles per hour.
  2. No person shall operate a motor vehicle at a greater speed than is reasonable and prudent under existing conditions.
  3. Driving on grass or sidewalks is prohibited at all times.
  4. Exceeding the speed limit or operating a motor vehicle in a reckless manner is grounds for revocation of parking and driving privileges on Bradley property.
  5. Motorcycles and motorbikes, including mopeds, will be operated only on motor vehicle thoroughfares.
  6. Motor vehicle accidents that occur on University property should be reported to the University Police. Accident reports are available for insurance purposes.

Any student, faculty, staff or person with University business, who regularly parks a vehicle on property owned or controlled by the University must purchase or obtain a valid Bradley University parking permit. The purchase of a permit does not guarantee a parking space. Lack of space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of any parking regulation.

Parking privileges are determined by the type of parking permit issued. Parking areas are indicated on the University parking map and in the parking lots by color code or signs. In all cases of conflicting signage, signs and markings should be presumed to be correct and will take precedence over any conflicting map designation. All areas not specifically designated for parking shall be considered "NO PARKING" zones.

Student Permits allow parking in student designated areas or designated Parking Decks. Commuting students may park in any student-designated area on campus or the Main Street Parking Deck. Students living in the residence halls are restricted to parking in the Main Street or Duryea Parking Deck, as assigned. Students in residence halls may park in other areas (faculty/staff or student) after 6:00 p.m. Friday through 7:00 a.m. Monday, except for the St James Apartments area where a special permit is required, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. See Parking regulations for St. James.

Faculty/staff permits allow parking in the assigned areas and in areas designated General Parking and the Main Street Parking Deck.

Special Permits (visitor or special occasions) allow parking in the areas stated on the permit.

Day Parking — a vehicle must display a valid permit to park in any University parking area. Permits are required from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Evening Parking — any vehicle may park in any blue, white, or yellow area on campus after 6:00 pm The vehicle must be moved to the appropriate area (defined by permit) by 7:00 am Monday — Friday. Excluded are the Visitors lot, the two Parking Decks, and the St. James Apartment area.

University parking rules and regulations are in effect all year (including periods when classes are not in session, i.e. Christmas and Spring breaks).

It is not possible to mark with signs or paint all areas where parking is prohibited. However, the following guidelines will be strictly enforced.

Parking is prohibited when it is:

  • without a valid permit.
  • without displaying a permit.
  • in "No Parking" areas.
  • in a handicapped space without a valid handicapped and University permit.
  • blocking a space for the handicapped.
  • blocking fire lanes or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • blocking or parking in spaces reserved for service vehicles, loading, or construction.
  • double parked.
  • on the lawn, sidewalk, crosswalk, driveways, straddling painted lines, or bumper blocks.
  • exceeding time in time-limited areas.
  • in areas where permit is not valid.
  • along curbs.
  • against the flow of traffic.

In addition:

  1. Vehicles must be parked in a designated space. The fact that a vehicle is parked in such a manner as to occupy more than one space is not an acceptable excuse for another operator to do the same.
  2. A vehicle is not allowed to park in an area or space closed by barricades or other traffic control devices.
  3. Motorcycles will not be parked in any building or within ten (10) feet of a building unless a motorcycle parking area is designated. The same rules as for cars apply to the safe operation and parking of motorcycles. A motorcycle must display a valid University parking permit to park on University property. A motorcycle can be parked only in areas designated motorcycle parking and not in those spaces reserved for vehicles.
  4. University property can only be used to make emergency repairs to a vehicle.
  5. All vehicles parked on campus must display valid license plates (one on the front and one on the rear unless State of origin provides only one) regardless of the State of origination.
  6. University property will not be used for extended periods as a storage lot for personal vehicles which are either disabled or for sale.

Parking Penalties and Fines

The person who purchases a parking permit will be held responsible for non-moving parking violations by any vehicle bearing that permit.

University parking fines are payable online or by mail at 1501 W. Bradley Avenue, Peoria, IL 61625.

Schedule of Fines

  • No valid permit on vehicle —$15
  • Valid permit not properly displayed —$15
  • No parking - loading/dumpster zone —$15
  • No parking - fire lane/curb/barricade —$25
  • Blocking walks, driveway, dumpster —$15
  • Parked over line or in two spaces —$15
  • Parked in area restricted by permit —$15
  • Backed into a space —$15
  • All moving violations (per offense) —$50
  • Parked in a handicapped space —$200
  • Tow fee —$50*
  • All other violations —$15
  • Possession or use of lost/stolen or forged/altered permit — Value of the permit and revoked parking privileges for the remainder of the year and/or disciplinary action.

* This fee does not include the wrecker or storage charges.

Note: Students and University employees with unpaid parking citations may not be allowed to purchase a parking permit until fines are paid. A person found to be a "habitual violator" may be denied permission to park or operate a vehicle on property owned or controlled by Bradley University.

Appeal Procedure

Anyone who wants to appeal a parking citation should print out the appeal form or may pick one up at one of the following locations: General Services, 100 MacMillan Hall or Financial Services - Cashiers, 103 Swords Hall. The written appeal form must be turned in to General Services, 100 MacMillan Hall within seven (7) days of receiving the citation. Parking appeals will not be accepted after seven (7) days. The Parking Citation Appeal Committee is composed of faculty/staff and students. University Police personnel are not members of the board and do not have a vote in a decision concerning the appeal of a parking citation.

The Parking Citation Appeal Committee has the authority to waive fines, require payment of fines, revoke (temporarily or fully) privileges to park or operate a vehicle on University property.

Removal or Impoundment of Vehicle

The University Police Department is authorized to remove, impound, or immobilize, at the owner’s expense, motor vehicles from University property under the following circumstances:

  1. When a vehicle is unattended or left under circumstances which indicate it has been abandoned.
  2. When a vehicle is parked illegally in or blocking a handicapped space
  3. When a vehicle is parked in a reserved space and the authorized user requests the vehicle be removed.
  4. When a vehicle displays a lost/stolen or forged/altered permit; or when a vehicle is parked in a fire lane, driving lane, blocking a fire hydrant.
  5. When any vehicle is determined to have five (5) or more unsatisfied parking citations charged against it. Impounded vehicles will be held until all outstanding citations and charges have been paid.

Towing Warning

As a courtesy, illegally parked vehicles found to have five(5) or more outstanding citations may have a tow warning affixed to the driver’s side window. The owner/operator has two (2) business days from date of the tow warning to clear all citations or fees outstanding. Any vehicle with six (6) or more citations will be towed immediately if found anytime on campus property.

Tow Fee

The fee for towing and impoundment is set by the towing company. Special equipment or unusual circumstances may increase the charge. A storage fee may be assessed for each day a vehicle is not claimed.


A vehicle is deemed to be impounded when it has been located by a University Police Officer and the tow process has been initiated, even though the tow truck has not yet arrived. Procedures have been established for the release of an impounded vehicle without tow in some situations, and will be explained to the owner/operator returning to an impounded vehicle. A tow company may charge a fee if they are on site, or if they have a vehicle on hook and the owner/operator returns to a vehicle. A parking ticket will be issued.


Permit Registration

Any student, faculty, staff or person with University business desiring to park on property owned or controlled by the University must display a valid Bradley University parking permit 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. Permits must be displayed on all vehicles in the St. James Apartment Complex 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Parking permits are to be purchased online. Temporary or other special permits may be obtained at Financial Services - Cashier windows, 103 Swords Hall, M - F, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. A parking permit may not be issued to an individual who has unpaid parking citations, unless the citation is on appeal.

Student parking permits are available to full and part-time students. Students in the residence halls are restricted to parking in the Main Street or Duryea parking deck, as assigned. Residency will be verified prior to purchase. The University Quick Card will be activated to allow for deck parking. All other students are required to park in the surface areas designated for student parking. Proof of vehicle ownership may be required to purchase a parking permit.

Faculty and staff parking permits are available to full and part-time employees. University employees should consult with Financial Services to determine eligibility and cost.

Placement of Permit

To be valid, a student permit must be clearly visible and permanently attached to the OUTSIDE of the rear window, in the lower left corner. Taping a permit to the window or inside the vehicle window is not permitted.

To be valid, a hanging permit must be clearly visible and hanging from the rear view mirror post of the vehicle. The permit number must face the windshield. A permit must not be defaced or altered in any way.

Use of Multiple Vehicles

A commuter student may purchase additional permits for vehicles registered to him/her. Faculty/staff who purchase a hanging permit may transfer the permit to another vehicle provided the vehicle is owned by the employee and registered with the University. The faculty, staff or student who purchases a permit will be responsible for parking violations by any vehicle bearing the permit.

Theft or Loss of Permit

The theft or loss of a parking permit should be reported to the University Police Department immediately upon discovery. After a report has been filed, the permit will be replaced on a prorated schedule. Recovered lost or stolen permits should be returned to the University Police Department as soon as possible.

Temporary Permits

Individuals may obtain a temporary permit for a nominal fee if the vehicle registered with the University is being repaired or serviced. Temporary permits have a time limit of two weeks. Affected individuals should contact Financial Services - Cashiers for specific details.

Permit Charges

Students or Faculty/Staff Permits (full-time status):

Faculty/Staff Returning Student Incoming Student*
Aug – Oct $50 $100 $200
Nov – Dec $40 $80 $160
Jan – Feb $30 $60 $120
March - April $20 $40 $80
May – July $10 $20 $40

*Incoming is defined as the first school year enrolled at Bradley

Students or Faculty/Staff Permits (part-time status, 8 hours or less):

Faculty/Staff Returning Student Incoming Student*
Aug – Oct $25 $50 $100
Nov – Dec $20 $40 $80
Jan – Feb $15 $30 $60
March - April $10 $20 $40
May – July $5 $10 $20

*Incoming is defined as the first school year enrolled at Bradley

Motorcycle permit fees are the same as vehicle permit fees.

All permits are sold based on an academic year - valid from August 1 of each academic year and expire July 31 of the following year. Permits become invalid on the date a student, faculty or staff member withdraws from the University. Student, faculty or staff will be required to present their Bradley Quick Card and required vehicle information when obtaining a parking permit.

Permit Replacement

Replacement permits are available at Financial Services - Cashiers.

Employees of the University who need to obtain a replacement hang tag must pay the applicable pro-rated permit fee. A reduced permit fee may be charged depending upon circumstances and appropriate documentation (i.e. accident report).

Students who need to obtain a replacement permit decal must present the permit decal being replaced. In lieu of providing the permit decal being replaced, a student must provide written documentation that the registered vehicle is no longer in their possession. Such documentation would include a vehicle accident report or bill of sale denoting the year, make and model of the vehicle involved in the accident or sale. The replacement fee is $5 for the first permit replacement, $10 for the second permit replacement and for each subsequent permit replacement the fee will increase by $5. A replacement permit will void the previously issued permit.

Permit Reimbursement

Parking Permits are generally non-refundable. The following fee schedule applies if a student withdraws from the University, or a faculty or staff member terminates his/her employment from the University, prior to April 1 and returns the permit(s).

If the last day on campus is during:

Faculty/Staff Returning Student Incoming Student*
Full Time Part Time Full Time Part Time Full Time Part Time
Sept – Oct $40 $20 $80 $40 $160 $80
Nov – Jan $25 $12.50 $50 $25 $100 $50
Feb – March $15 $7.50 $30 $15 $60 $30
No Refunds After April 1

*Incoming is defined as the first school year enrolled at Bradley

All refunds will be handled through Financial Services - Cashiers. Prior to refund, all outstanding parking citations must be resolved. Faculty/Staff or Students who purchased a part-time permit will receive a refund as outlined above. Once all verifications have been made, a refund check will be sent in the mail.

Special Permit and Visitor Parking

Persons attending special University sponsored workshops or seminars must obtain the short-term parking permit from Financial Services - Cashiers, or the sponsoring unit. All visitor parking is restricted to the Visitor lot located at the intersection of Duryea Place and St. James or designated visitor parking spots unless otherwise noted. Any vehicle registered with the University and/or assigned a parking permit is prohibited from parking in the visitor parking space.

Students inviting friends or family to the University should contact Financial Services - Cashiers for parking instructions prior to the guest’s arrival. If guest(s) arrive unannounced Monday-Friday, you should direct them to the Visitors Lot. The exit machine in the Visitor Lot is setup to take quarters to exit the parking lot. The visitor must vacate faculty/student parking areas by 7:00 a.m. or have a valid parking permit for the area.
Faculty, staff, students, or divisions of the University sponsoring seminars or special events should contact Financial Services - Cashiers to make arrangements for parking in advance of the event.

A visitor/guest is defined as anyone other than a student or employee of Bradley University or an employee of Barnes & Noble, ARAMARK or University Contractor.

Vendor/Loading Zone Parking

Vendors conducting business with the University are required to have a parking permit prior to parking on the campus. Vendors should use the Visitors Lot as the designated parking area when on the campus except for deliveries. Applications for all vendor permits and special parking arrangements are available in General Services, 100 MacMillan Hall .

Handicapped Parking

A Bradley University parking permit and a State handicapped permit are required by all student or employees parking in designated handicapped spaces at the University.

Special Events and Lot Maintenance

The University Police have the authority to close individual parking lots, driveways or other parking facilities, when necessary to accommodate the needs of the University. These include but are not restricted to street cleaning or maintenance and parking for special events sponsored by or held at the University. When practical, the University will post closing as far in advance as possible using various University publications.

Additional information on parking is available by contacting Financial Services - Cashiers, General Services or the University Police Department.