Campus Communication Channels

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to submit announcements, news, calendar items, and story ideas to the Office of Communications and Media Relations. We act as a clearinghouse for the dissemination of information to Bradley constituencies, including all media. Staff members consult with campus groups to determine the best channels to reach desired internal and external audience(s).

Office of Communications and Media Relations, Services and Contacts

B-News: A digital newsletter that is shared weekly to all faculty and staff. New issues are sent via email at 10 a.m. every Monday and Thursday during university semesters.
(During winter and summer breaks, B-News is only shared on Mondays)

If you are not receiving B-News and would like to be added to the mailing list please contact

Content for each issue of B-News is sourced from university submissions. If you have a general announcement, event or campus opportunity to share, please submit it to B-News by using the content intake form.

Please note that:

  • Only items submitted through the B-News content intake form will be considered for future issues.
  • In general, events will only be included in a maximum of four consecutive B-News issues. (Except in certain circumstances)
  • Content submissions are subject to editing by B-News staff to uphold university editorial standards and newsletter formatting.

Questions, concerns and feedback can be sent to

Media Releases - statements prepared for local, regional, or national media

  • Once information about a story, event or notice is sent to the media, they may share the information, attend the event for footage, promote participation or request an interview.
  • When requesting a media release, please note:
    • Media release requests should be sent to (a minimum of two weeks in advance is preferred).
    • If you don’t get a confirmation of your request within 24 hours, please forward your request to Libby Derry at
    • We cannot guarantee placement by the media.
    • If you recently had something published or were in the news, share it with us! We may help give it even further reach.
  • Recent Bradley University media releases may be viewed on:
    • MyBU - an online portal designed for students, faculty and staff
    • University Newsroom - website featuring University news, events, student achievements and more

Media Logistics - scheduling of and preparation for media interviews

  • Media producers and editors are always looking for experts:
  • Scheduling of interviews:
    • If you receive requests for interviews from the media, please forward them to
  • Preparation for interviews:
    • Staff can help prepare you for media appearances with mock interviews and other desired preparation assistance.
    • Requests for this service should be sent to

Merit - an online platform used to disseminate student achievements

Think of Merit as a complement to LinkedIn. We use Merit to tell stories of students’ experiences at Bradley via a personalized Merit page we update with their accomplishments. Merit helps Bradley connect with stakeholders to show off our students and helps students by enhancing their reputation online with a positive professional profile filled with achievements verified by Bradley. Learn more about Merit.

Digital Monitors - monitors located on campus that may be used to display announcements

  • When requesting a displayed image, please:
    • Submit image(s) that are 1920 x 1080 pixels at 72 pixels per inch (PPI); landscape orientation and jpeg format.
    • Send image(s) to (minimum of two weeks in advance is preferred). If you do not get a timely response or confirmation within 24 hours of making your request, please forward it to
    • Please note, video and animation are not available.

Calendar of Events - web-based listing of campus events

  • In order for your event to show up on the university calendar they must be booked through our campus scheduling system (EMS Web App) first. When you book a room, during Step 3 of the booking process make sure to select yes to the last question ("Would you like to submit this event for publication on the University's web calendar?"). Once you choose yes, two other fields will appear. One is for a description of the event that will be displayed on the calendar, and the second is asking on which individual event calendar you'd like your event to appear. If you'd like an image attached to your event, please email the image file and the name and date of the event.

Social Media (Newsroom) - Facebook posts that feature Bradley news stories

  • Based on content, we will forward pertinent B-news and press release information to Bradley’s social media manager, Gabbie Mihm,, with a request for a post. We cannot guarantee placement.

Employing the communication services of the OMC Communications and Media Relations office will result in effective, consistent, and efficient distribution of information to university constituencies and will reduce redundant and unsolicited communications. Thank you for working with us.