Bradley Welcomes Merit Platform


We're committed to the success of our students and sharing their accomplishments with others. We use Merit to tell the stories of students' experiences at Bradley via a personalized Merit page that we update with their accomplishments. Merit helps our institution connect with stakeholders to show off our students, and it helps by enhancing students' reputation online with a positive, professional profile filled with achievements verified by Bradley.

How does Merit benefit students?

  • Merit pages help professionals who make decisions about internships, grad schools and jobs find the “good stuff” about students and get a better picture of what they've been recognized for. Merit pages are updated by Bradley, so it has credibility that a resume, alone, cannot match. It’s like a LinkedIn profile that builds itself.
  • Stories included on Merit pages are distributed to the student(s) mentioned in the story, their parents, high school, hometown media and local government representatives. This is an opportunity for students to be recognized by their hometown community.

How does Merit differ from LinkedIn?

Merit is a great compliment to LinkedIn! Students can (and should) connect their Merit page to their LinkedIn profile if they have one. A key difference is that Bradley can update a Merit page for them, removing the burden of students needing to keep it current and remember what they've done. When they want to share their Merit page with potential employers or others, it’s already there! Plus, their Merit page achievements are verified by Bradley and carry our brand of approval.

Is Merit easy to use?

Yes! It’s very easy. Students have already received a welcome email to their Bradley email account with a username and password. They must click the link in their email to sign in and start personalizing it by adding a photo or bio. They can also add their education, activities, awards, and work experience to complement the verified updates that Bradley publishes.

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