Students Win Experiential Learning Project of the Year

March 4, 2019

A group of recent Bradley graduates were awarded the Experiential Learning Project of the Year at the Small Business Institute annual conference. 

Joe Barrow, Makenzie McCall, Joshua Hermann, Dave Jensen, Cecily Scott Martin, and Sydnee Wharram won the prestigious award under the direction of faculty advisor Dr. Larry Weinzimmer. Prior to their recent graduation these students did a competitive assessment, surveyed customers and wrote a successful, comprehensive strategic plan for Studios on Sheridan. 

This national competition began in the 1970's and encourages students from across disciplines to work on a joint team doing student based consulting. 

Experiential Learning is a high impact practice that is at the heart of the Bradley Experience. Students learn to apply knowledge, skills and dispositions to real-world applications within and beyond the classroom. Convergence learning is also a focal point of education at Bradley. Convergence learning is an innovative, creative, and collaborative approach to learning that reaches across disciplines. For example, it pairs unexpected disciplines like international studies and environmental science or dietetics and biology. For our local community, convergence gives our students further opportunities to partner with businesses on problem-solving projects, which has the potential to impact our region significantly.