August Business and Engineering Complex Update

During the past 30 days, onlookers can see that the east side of the building has elevated to its full height. A closer look at the this side of the building will show progress with multiple elements of construction such as; the installation of exterior and interior steel wall studs, exterior sheathing, and the pouring of concrete on 1/2 of the fourth floor. The west side of the building, consisting of concrete assembly, also continues to progress with the installation of masonry walls, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and with continued pours of concrete flooring.

During the next 30 days, we will see progress with some new aspects of the building. Limestone installation will begin on the east side and masonry wall installation will be visible on the west side. In additional to the consistent activities of mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations, the final slab on grade work will be completed. Completion of the slab on grade installation will allow onlookers the ability to recognize the full footprint of the building that's being built in phase one.     

Don't forget to check the webcam to see the progress online at

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