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Diversity and Inclusion at Bradley

We regret the wording in our job advertisement and have made changes to it. In an attempt to be transparent about the position, we included information about this building not being ADA accessible.  We have, and we will continue to consider all candidates, and we will make appropriate accommodations for any successful candidate.

The Romeo B. Garrett Cultural Center houses our Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Dr. Garrett is an important legacy within the Bradley University and Peoria community. 

We, like so many other campuses across the country, are aware there are accessibility issues with some buildings on our campus.  We have already begun to engage in a self-study of our facilities master plan with ADA compliance and general accessibility being a piece of that discussion.  We are also looking at deferred facility needs in this respect. 

When it comes to our student body, the office of Student Access Services provides support to meet the individual needs of students in accordance with ADA guidelines.

Diversity and inclusion are priorities for our campus.  One of the four goals outlined in our most recent strategic plan focuses on diversity an inclusion:

We will build and support a more diverse and inclusive university community.  Supporting a more diverse and inclusive university community is not only a modern day imperative, it is fundamental to who we are as an institution. We see opportunities to foster, support, and sustain a more diverse and inclusive environment, in which we nurture empathy, dignity, appreciation, and shared learning for the differences and similarities that make us whole.