CFA Awards Announced

June 8, 2021

Bradley's Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts announces its 2021 Spring Semester awards for its outstanding students.

Department of Art and Design

Outstanding Student in Ceramics - Alaina Mabie

Outstanding Students in Drawing - Jessica Haste, Imyra Maxwell, and Keelan Rodgers

Outstanding Students in Graphic Design - Rachel Bauer, Adam Meyer, and Harland Reid

Outstanding Students in Painting - Cassidy Kraft and Emmi Meyer

Outstanding Student in Photography - Celia Compton

Outstanding Student in Printmaking - Maddie Wick and Morgan Grajewski

Outstanding Students in Sculpture - Grace Smith (beginning) and Alexis Johnson (advanced)

Kottemann Endowed Scholarship - Tay Clark

Roscoe & Lila Linder Art and Music Endowed Scholarship - Savannah Harwood

Mendez-KK Endowed Scholarship - Joshua Moewe

John Barrett Annual - Sydney Morr and Gracie Noble

Department of Communication

Outstanding Students in Advertising and Public Relations - Haley Johnson and Hope Walsh

Outstanding Students in Journalism - Marley Schultz and Tirzah Christopher

Outstanding Students in Organizational Communication - Corrie Marshall and Natasha Hogan

Outstanding Student in Public Relations - Sophia Vojta

Outstanding Students in Sports Communication - Jordan McCue and Kathleen McPartland

Outstanding Students in Television Arts - Jody Holtz and Jake Anderson

Department of Interactive Media

Interactive Media Student of the Year - Taylor Johnson

Academic Excellence in Animation - Vi Ihm

Applied Excellence in Animation - First-Year Class: Evan Loraine; Sophomore Class: Andrea Krebbers; Junior Class: Keelan Rodgers; Senior Class: Riley Egan

Applied Excellence in Game Art - Sara Nelson

Academic Excellence in Game Design - Sydney Foe

Applied Excellence in Game Design - First-Year Class: Nicholas Junkas; Sophomore Class: Jessica Barthelt; Junior Class: Douglas Guzman; Senior Class: Luke Piazza

Academic Excellence in UX Design - Erika Hoff

Applied Excellence in UX Design - First-Year Class: Saige Heelein; Sophomore Class: Jennifer Rutschke; Junior Class: Abby Irwin; Senior Class: Stephanie Hossenlopp

Applied Excellence in Animation and Game Design (BFA) - Charli Kerr

Department of Music

Bradley Concerto/Aria Competition Award Winners - Mel Ferguson (piano), Nate Massa (horn), and Nichole Thompson (flute)

Sigma Alpha Iota Scholastic Award - Allison Plourde

Sigma Alpha Iota Collegiate Honor Award - Andrea Winget

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Scholastic Award - Max Rutschke

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Collegiate Honor Award - Max Rutschke

Presser Scholar - Conor Sadauskas (2020-21) and Dawson Ouellette (2021-22)

Department of Theatre Arts

Representing Excellence in Academic Achievement - First-Year Class: Meredith Drilling-Coren and Faith Gager; Sophomore Class: Kristin Serena; Junior Class: Barbie Brown, Jared May, and Jamie Yerkes; Senior Class: Ashleigh Owens (Madaris), and Jody Holtz

Representing Excellence in Acting - Sarah Dove, Laurel Burrington, Ashleigh Owens (Madaris), and Mia Katz

Representing Excellence in Design - Sarah Coughlin and Vi Ihm

Representing Excellence in Stage Management - Karlee Frewert and Bailey Stockhecke

Representing Excellence in Production - Brent Sancken and Kristin Serena

Representing Excellence in Service to the Department - Mia Katz, Jeremiah Lee, Brent Sancken, and Maggie Sullivan

Representing Excellence in Directing - Grace Sergott

Representing Excellence in Theatre Scholarship - Africa Hill and Maeve Mellen

Irene Ryan Nominees - Andrew Derdena, Sara Dove, and Imani Shamsuddin for Good Kids; Meredith Drilling-Cohen and Noah Mollett for The Importance of Being Earnest

Global Scholars

Anne Bettag

Jacob Brown

Sarah Frolick

Jacob Panek

Alejandro Perez

Karla Rubin DeCelis

Elizabeth Seip

Jessica Tejada

Kasey Walsh

Morgan Wells

Devan Wilbur

Co-op/Intern of the Year

Abigail Irwin