Bradley Announces Results of Academic Assessment

Bradley University is assessing its operations, designed to create a more agile institution focused on innovation and growth. A core piece of this plan includes a detailed assessment of Bradley’s program offerings. By identifying and addressing areas of improvement while investing in new academic programs, Bradley can better prepare students with the skills and knowledge they need in an ever-changing world. 

The academic assessment process is a critical step to ensure the university’s programs remain relevant, rigorous, and aligned with Bradley’s mission and goals while the institution strives to remain financially sound.

A University Senate-elected faculty review committee, as well as Provost Walter Zakahi and the university deans, used detailed data sets and conducted thorough audits and inquiries to help determine recommendations for the university’s future.

These recommendations were presented to Bradley University President Stephen Standifird, and after a detailed assessment, the following programs are being considered for discontinuation:

The following programs are being considered for discontinuation:

  • Actuarial Science (Mathematics)*
  • Apparel Production and Merchandising
  • Business Law
  • Ceramics
  • Entrepreneurship**
  • Family Consumer Science Education
  • Family Life Science
  • Hospitality Leadership
  • International Studies
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Math Education
  • Pre-K – 12 Administration and Leadership
  • Printmaking
  • Professional Sales
  • Public Health Education
  • Religious Studies
  • Statistics

The following programs are being considered for discontinuation - no longer offering majors or concentrations, but will remain as service units, offering classes as part of the Bradley Core Curriculum or other courses as required by specific majors or concentrations:

  • Economics
  • French
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy
  • Physics

*An Actuarial Science degree will continue to be offered by the finance and quantitative methods department in the Foster College of Business.

**Cocurricular entrepreneurship opportunities will continue to be available from the Bradley University Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Discontinuing these offerings directly impacts about 3.5% of the Bradley student population, and any students enrolled in these programs will be able to finish their degrees in their current major or program at Bradley University. Students who could be affected directly by program discontinuation will receive an additional communication from their college dean, pointing them toward the appropriate resources for questions and guidance.

All programs on the above list will have 30 days to respond to the consideration for discontinuation. Final program decisions will be made by President Standifird by the end of the calendar year.

During these transitions, there will regrettably be a reduction of jobs in some departments. Forty-seven currently occupied faculty positions are being eliminated, and 21 faculty positions are being eliminated through attrition. Bradley University is committed to helping the individuals in those positions with outplacement services and will exercise compassion and support throughout the process.

Bradley leadership recognizes these changes may create concerns among students, faculty, staff and the broader university community. Open communication, collaboration and shared responsibility will be prioritized as the campus community works together to address these challenges.