LAS Awards Announced

June 8, 2021

Bradley's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences announces its 2021 Spring Semester awards for its outstanding students.

Outstanding Student Awards by Department

Biology - Colleen Miller 

Biomedical Science - Cameron Basquez Pfeifer

Chemistry - Carmen Calhoun

Medical Laboratory Science - Karl Rainsberger

Computer Science and Information Systems - Kaleb Bolliger

Criminology - Christie Masanka

English - Amanda Riggenbach

History - Lorena Chica

International Studies - Juliet Boyer

LAS-Economics - Aidan Beckman

Mathematics - Nate Rusch

Philosophy - Amr Mannaa

Political Science - Lindsay Fischer

Psychology - Corrie Marshall

Religious Studies - Noelle Macuch

Social Work - Jessica Zook

Sociology - Margelees Cerda

World Languages and Cultures - Sarah Keller

Additional Department Awards

Scheele Award - Lindsay Spigelmyer and Amr Mannaa

American Chemical Society Heartland Collegiate Scholars - Julia Long and Ali Poole

Shroyer Service Award - Kayla Lippincott and Ronnie Richardson-Matthews, III

The Olive B. White Award - Megan Landre (Poetry) and Carly Luciani (Fiction)

Carl E. Smith Award - Benjamin McCoy, Jasmine Oriekaose, and Maya Phan

Howard Award for Outstanding Research in International Studies - Juliet Boyer

Nyaradi Award for Outstanding Scholarship, dedicated Public Service, and Professional
Excellence - Lorie Ewert

Global Scholars

Margelees Cerda

Emmalee Finch

Lindsay Fischer (double degree)

Allison Lampert (double degree)

Allison Plourde

Magdalena Rusiecka

Hannah Wehr

Daniel Zawadzki (double degree)

Undergraduate Summer Research and Artistry Award Recipients

Madison Dillerud

Abigail Irwin

Guiliana Piccione

Zaman Shah

Pamela Taylor