PT Students Volunteer In Dominican Republic

June 2, 2014

Bradley University Doctor of Physical Therapy students are heading to the mountain town of San Juan de la Maguana in the Dominican Republic to volunteer at a local clinic.   While there, students will assist in treating patients of all ages at a local hospital and at the Solid Rock International (SRI) medical clinic. 

Students will work with nursing staff to teach proper body mechanics and safe transferring techniques for the patient and the provider.  They will also treat patients of all ages with stroke, spinal cord injury, scoliosis, and overuse injuries.

Recently students worked with SRI to create a developmental screening program.  During this trip they will be will be screening children for developmental delays in hopes of recognizing impairments early in life in order to prevent future disability.

Dr. Cheryl Sparks, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy and Health Sciences at Bradley says while most of their time will be spent treating patients, there is more to this trip.  “They may work on various construction projects or be called to help out in other ways.  It's a wonderful way for students to serve the Dominican people while developing their newly learned skills, and it is also a cultural immersion experience.” 

Three students and two alumni will be participating.  The dates for the trip are June 7-15th.  They will be joining a team from Northwoods Community Church on the trip.