High School Students to Participate in Materials Workshops on Monday

July 18, 2014

A week-long camp for high school students interested in engineering will take place July 21 through 25 at Bradley University. The camp provides students with real-world experiences and a better understanding of materials used in everything from industrial tractors to children’s toys. Bradley’s Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and Technology Department organizes the camp with help from the Peoria Chapter of the American Society of Materials.

Video and interview opportunities will be available on Monday between 10 and 11:30 a.m. in Morgan Hall on the Bradley campus when participants will be involved in three hands-on workshops.

The workshops take place at the following locations.

Failure Analysis Workshop - Morgan Hall 108B

Mechanical Testing Workshop - Morgan Hall 201

Materials Processing Workshop - Morgan Hall 306

Failure Analysis - What did significant engineering failures such as the Titanic, the Space Shuttle Challenger, and the Hindenburg have in common? Students will investigate what causes components to fail and how to prevent future failures.

Mechanical Testing - Students will create and test hypotheses about stiffness, a key property of materials.

Materials Processing - Students will participate in metal casting experiments by melting tin and solidifying it in molds.