Bradley University uses standardized stationery items for all departments to ensure consistency and uniformity with the university’s brand standards; it also helps reduce costs. No other letterhead, envelope or business card designs may be used for official university business or communications unless approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

The following templates are available for download and use:


Bradley’s letterhead comes in two versions, one for printed mail and one for use as a digital attachment. While other logos are not permitted on university stationery, you can personalize it with your name, title, department and phone number in your typewritten signature block.

To help ensure consistency across the university, please use only one of these two templates. The first page header and margins have been set; you just need to start typing. However, if you still have printed letterhead available, you do not need to purchase anything new until that supply is extinguished.

The image on the left is the printed version; click on it to download the file for personal use. The image on the right is best used for digital attachments, either in Word format or saved as a PDF.

For the printed version, we recommend buying good quality blank paper; any brand of a 24 lb. weight paper with a smooth finish will work. Here’s one available from Staples.

Business Cards

A Bradley business card should include university business information only. Your name, title, college/department/office, street address, city, state, zip code and office telephone number need to be on all business cards. Additional information including cell-phone number, 800-number, fax number or URL may be included if it has direct application to university business and it fits within the maximum number of lines of information allowed.

Option A

Business Card Option A

Option B

Business Card Option B

Option C

Business Card Option C

To place a business card order, send your information to your department ordering contact who will place the order for you. Turnaround is typically one week, and the cards will be delivered directly to your office. Please do not order new business cards until you have used up your current supply.

Additional Items

Some small quantity Bradley-branded stationery items may be ordered through General Services, including:

  • blank notecard sets with the Bradley logo on the front (notecard and envelope)
  • large return address labels
  • self-adhesive name tags
  • standard letterhead
  • standard business envelopes
  • standard business window envelopes

To order these items, email Jayne Dant, General Services Supervisor, at with the item name, quantity, delivery address and account number to bill.


The PowerPoint template available for download includes 7 master slide options; it also contains a slide with our brand phrase, “Whatever You Do, Be You,” to provide a range of page layouts that will fit different uses.

  • When you open the file, a single title slide will appear.
  • To add a new slide, click the dropdown next to New Slide and select the preferred layout. To change a slide layout, click the dropdown next to Layout and select the preferred replacement.
  • To add text, click in a text box and begin typing, as the master slides are preset with font size, color and placement.
  • If a pre-existing text box is not needed on a particular slide, click on the outer edge of that text box and delete it — or select a different layout option.