Campus Security Authorities (CSA) Responsibilities

The Clery Act identifies certain categories of students, University employees and contractors as CSAs who have federally mandated responsibilities to report alleged Clery Act crimes that they witness or are reported to them. A Clery Act crime is considered “reported” to the University when it is brought to the attention of a CSA, University Police or local law enforcement personnel by a victim, offender, witness or other third party. The crime reporting party need not be University affiliated.

The University requires CSAs to notify the Bradley University Police Department about crime information as soon as they become aware of it by completing a CSA Report form. CSAs should not investigate crimes or attempt to determine whether a crime occurred. (Please note – if the Bradley University Police respond to the scene, your reporting requirement is met and you are not required to complete the form.)

If you have any questions, please contact the University’s Clery Compliance Coordinator, Jocelyn Watkins, at the Bradley University Police Department at (309) 677-1002 or