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Student Success Workshops

The educational environment at Bradley is demanding, and developing good academic skills will result in academic success. From time management and goal setting, to test anxiety and preparing for exams, our workshops can help you establish strong habits that can enhance your learning and help you to balance the numerous demands of your varied coursework. 

Please see our listing of workshop topics below. You must sign up to attend workshops. See schedule and RSVP for upcoming workshops. If you would like to schedule a workshop for your class or group, please send an email to and include the following information: Title of the workshop, date, time, location and approximate number of students attending the presentation. The Academic Success Center will contact you within a week with a confirmation email.

Workshops are available only to current Bradley students.

Time Management

One of the most stressful things can be finding the time to do everything you need to get done. In this workshop, students will discuss how they can study for the big Chemistry exam, write their English paper, plan their sorority’s philanthropy event, and still have time to cheer on the Braves at a Bradley basketball game.

Lecture Note Taking

SPOILER ALERT: Daydreaming instead of listening during the lecture is not recommended for students who want to succeed in the class. If you or someone you know is having trouble snapping out of it or just needs some extra help on how to take effective notes during the lecture, this is the workshop for you!

Textbook Reading and Note Taking

One of the most common complaints among college students is the price of textbooks that they may never use during class. To get the most bang for your buck, students should be using the textbook as a resource outside of class to supplement the work done in class. This workshop focuses on giving students the skills necessary to most effectively use the textbook as well as tips for taking notes from the book.

Professor Expectations

This workshop focuses primarily on some basic expectations Bradley professors have for their students as well as how to craft an effective email.

Goal Setting and Motivation

Studying can be tiring, and it can be hard to want to continue, especially without a clear objective in mind. This workshop will help students to learn how to set their own academic goals as well as how to become self-motivated workers.


Everyone has experienced the frustrating situation where everything they learned in the course suddenly disappears from their brain the moment the exam is in front of them. This workshop will give students tools and tips on how to get a better, more effective memory when studying.

Developing Effective Study Groups

Studying with friends can be fun but not always helpful. In this workshop, students will learn skills to develop more effective and efficient study groups to increase their productivity.


Isn’t it funny how great our concentration is when we’re watching Stranger Things but all of that goes out the window the minute we try to study math? In this workshop, students will focus on developing skills to get Netflix-like concentration, even when the only 11 you’re seeing is the answer to your calculus homework.

Test Taking Strategies

Are you someone who struggles to get the grade they want on exams no matter how much time you log studying? You may need to re-evaluate the strategies you use while taking tests. In this workshop, students will learn helpful strategies to use while testing to become more effective test takers.

Writing College Papers

Having trouble writing and planning your papers? In this workshop, students will focus on the writing process and planning strategies that are needed for writing college level papers.

Final Exam Preparation

Come to this workshop to learn strategies for tackling final exam week. This seminar will help you with planning your study time and making your study sessions productive!

Bradley 101

Student Aides share tips and tricks to having a great first semester.

Advising and Course Registration

Need help with selecting courses, understanding the core curriculum requirements and navigating the registration process? Then, this workshop is for YOU! Learn how to read the u.Achieve degree audit, use schedule builder and search the class database. This workshop is an excellent resource to help you prepare for your advising appointment.

Organization - Basics

Do you find yourself forgetting assignments, not keeping up with the reading or misplacing important documents? Then this workshop is for you! Start off the semester being committed to embracing the habits of the best students.

Organization - Advanced

Do you feel like you are organized in your academic and personal life, but want to take it up a notch? In this workshop, participants will learn how OneNote and Evernote can help with productivity and the gathering and organization for free-form information. These apps are designed to assist the end user with note taking, organizing, task lists and archiving. This session is for those people who are already using these apps as well as those just getting started. This workshop is appropriate for students, faculty and staff.

Assertive Conversations and How to Have Them

Talking with professors or parents can be intimidating, especially when the topic of conversation can be about a sensitive topic (like failing a class or exam). If you would like to learn tips and tools about how to be confident, assertive and professional in your interactions in these tough situations, this is the workshop for you!