Attend a Career Fair

Career fairs are a great way to meet candidates and build your brand on campus. Tips to make your experience more valuable:

  • If you are attending the virtual AND in-person fairs, think creatively about how you would like to engage students!  Use the virtual event to offer information that will guide the students to your in-person booth.  For example, offer group sessions sharing insights about your internship program, share tips related to the application/interview process, target first/second year students to begin developing a talent pipeline, etc.
  • How to Stand out at You Next Virtual Career Fair
  • Virtual Fairs in Handshake: A Guide for Employers
  • Post a job/internship listing on our website inviting interested candidates to visit your booth to learn more information. 
  • Connect with students/alumni who have registered for the event inviting them to stop by your booth.
  • Align your initial screening interviews with our fair in order to quickly follow-up with top candidates. Build a schedule at the fair to interview students that evening, the next day, or a date 2-3 weeks after the fair. 
  • Become an Employer Partner. Let the Smith Career Center staff help advertise your visit through special recognition and advertising activities. 
  • Connect with our staff to learn more services offered to employers by the Smith Career Center. 
  • Purchase an ad in Bradley's campus weekly newspaper, The Scout, to announce your visit. Contact them at (309) 677-3067 or at their e-mail address,
  • Ask your Bradley interns to distribute company information before the fair. Invite them to assist you at your booth during the fair.
  • Volunteer to assist with one of the job search events led by the SCC staff.