Academic Scholarship Appeals

The termination or suspension of a student’s merit-based scholarship for academic reasons can have significant impact on the family’s educational financing plans. The Office of Financial Assistance is charged with balancing the impact of this loss with the responsibility of maintaining the academic integrity of the scholarship. While the Appeal Committee has some latitude in making exceptions to the University’s published grade point average renewal policy, consideration is generally limited to extraordinary circumstances that were largely outside of the student’s control such as student illness or the illness/death of a near-relative.

In situations where the scholarship eligibility has ended because the student has received eight semesters of eligibility, the Committee will entertain appeals that address the impediments that prevented graduation within a typical 4-year timeframe. Again, the Committee’s discretion is limited to factors that the student could not control. Appeals based on resume’ enhancement activities such as GPA improvement, second majors, or multiple minors are rarely granted.

To file an Academic Scholarship Appeal, please complete the form below.