External Scholarship Information

An overview of external scholarships:

External scholarships are those that are funded by businesses, private individuals, foundations and organizations. They play an important role in providing gift revenue that students can use to help finance their education. Typically, these scholarships have specified qualifications or criteria that the applicant must meet in order to qualify, and students apply directly through the organization. Applications are usually submitted online or via a paper application and include an application deadline. It is important to follow all application instructions carefully and be mindful of filing deadlines.

Businesses, organizations and foundations often offer scholarships (not subject to repayment) to currently enrolled and prospective students to help with college expenses. Generally, these external scholarships are annual rather than four-year scholarships.

When applying for external scholarships, use caution and do not provide personal information such as your birth date or Social Security number. Similarly, we recommend that you do not consider scholarship options/searches that request a fee.

Additional Considerations

  • External scholarships may reduce loans or Federal Work-Study a student receives.
  • Scholarships will be split evenly between semesters unless specified otherwise by the issuing organization.
  • If you are a student athlete, eligibility for an external scholarship must be approved by the Bradley University Athletics Department via the External Financial Assistance Form.

Where To Find External Scholarships

  • Your high school guidance counselor or college advisor
  • Employers (both yours and your parents)
  • Local organizations or affiliations (Kiwanis, 4-H, Lions Club)
  • Places of volunteerism (local hospitals, clubs, etc.)
  • Unions
  • Religious affiliations
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Local library
  • Your state’s Department of Public Health (for those pursuing the medical field)
  • Local KC/VFW halls
  • Scholarship search engines

How To Submit External Scholarships To Bradley University

  1. Make the scholarship check payable to the order of Bradley University. In the event the check is made payable to Bradley University and the student, the Office of Financial Assistance will contact the student to stop in and endorse the check.
  2. List the student’s first and last name along with the BU ID# within the memo of the scholarship check or in the communication letter.
  3. Indicate whether the scholarship is applicable to tuition only or can be used for any educational expenses (room and board, books, fees, supplies, transportation, etc.).
  4. Drop off in person or mail the scholarship and a letter to:
    Office of Financial Assistance
    1501 W Bradley Ave
    Swords 100
    Peoria, IL 61625