Preparing for Registration

  • Determine your registration time
    • Log into MyBradley using your BUnetID and password
    • Click the “Registration Navigation” link on the left-hand side of the page.
    • A message in red text will appear displaying holds, if you have any, and a link that will explain what the holds are. All new transfer students have a “New Transfer Advising” hold that needs to be removed at the conclusion of your advising appointment. If you have had your advising appointment but the hold remains, contact your advisor and ask to have the hold removed.
    • Note: Prior to early registration, April 4, registration times are determined by the number of credits you earned prior to the current semester (including transfer credits) and alphabetically by your last name. View the entire registration schedule at the Schedule of Classes website and click onto “Course Registration”, then scroll to the bottom of the page. This will be updated as of Friday, March 8.
  • Make sure you have met with your academic advisor to discuss course offerings
  • If you and/or your advisor determine you need a prerequisite override(s) for a class or classes you are attempting to register for please make sure your advisor contacts the appropriate faculty/staff member to request the prerequisite override. If the course you are attempting to register for is outside of your major department please have your advisor contact that department office to request a prerequisite override for that particular course(s).
  • Use Schedule Builder in MyBradley to create multiple possible class schedules
  • If special circumstances affect your course registration, visit Schedule of Classes website and click “Course Registration” to review different policies. This will be updated as of March 8.